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Zingtree announced the launch of CX Answers and Actions

AI-powered CX toolkit empowers B2C enterprises to unify systems, streamline processes and deliver exceptional customer experiences

Zingtree, a leading AI-powered customer experience (CX) automation platform, announced the launch of its AI CX toolkit: CX Answers and CX Actions. Designed to help B2C enterprises unify their disconnected systems, processes, and workflows, these new tools will help businesses automate nearly every customer interaction, making each one fast, efficient, and more satisfying for customers and agents alike.

“Despite heavy investments in AI-enabled CRMs, chatbots and contact centers, we continue to see a lack of effective automation in today’s complex customer service environments, ultimately leading to frustrated agents and customers,” said Juan Jaysingh, chief executive officer and board member of Zingtree. “We developed CX Answers and CX Actions to empower businesses to overcome these obstacles through the power of AI and automation. Our goal is to help companies break down silos, streamline their processes, and ultimately provide their customers with the fast, efficient, and personalized support they deserve.”

AI-Powered Enterprise Engine for Precise, Context-Aware Results
CX Answers, an AI-powered enterprise engine, uses CX-specific Large Language Models (LLMs) to help customers and agents find accurate information, leverage efficient processes, and access automation.

By unifying data and knowledge from underlying CRMs and back-end systems, CX Answers empowers non-technical CX leaders to assist agents and provide personalized self-service experiences for customers across websites and apps. It incorporates the user’s context, business policies, permissions, and CRM data to drive fast and accurate resolutions.

Key use cases for CX Answers include:

  • Enable customers to find accurate and relevant answers themselves with intelligent search and discovery.
  • Leverage context to drive agent assist and connect agents to the answers they need to avoid time-consuming screen juggling during calls.
  • Generate direct answers to questions instead of links to knowledge, driving faster resolutions.
  • Unlock insights into customer behavior, understand new process needs, and identify gaps for improvement.

No-Code Automation for Key Business Actions
CX Actions is a no-code workflow layer that allows CX leaders to automate critical business actions, such as appointment scheduling, billing inquiries, refunds, and returns.

Key use cases for CX Actions include:

  • Enable customers to trigger automated actions and resolve more issues through self-service without getting agents involved.
  • Provide agents with contextual customer data from third-party apps during calls to drive the next best action and avoid time-consuming screen juggling.
  • Update customer records and trigger ticket creation in CRMs to reduce errors and improve data quality.
  • Trigger SMS and email alerts for shipping and delivery updates from OMS.

“By integrating automated model lookups and API-driven content delivery from CX Actions into our customer’s support portal, we’re not only personalizing self-service but also reducing support tickets through automation,” said Marc Chabot, chief revenue officer with Zingtree. “This is designed to help our customers and their teams be much more efficient. By automating repetitive work, we’re allowing them to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional customer experiences. We’ve successfully deployed this for one of the world’s largest consumer electronics companies, demonstrating its effectiveness on a large scale.”

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