Stagwell (STGW) Launches Comms Tech Business Unit

PRophet Founder Aaron Kwittken to Serve as CEO of Stagwell Marketing Cloud Comms Tech Unit

Stagwell (NASDAQ: STGW), the challenger network built to transform marketing, today launched a Comms Tech Business Unit within the Stagwell Marketing Cloud, a proprietary suite of SaaS products built for in-house marketers. The Comms Tech unit will house AI-powered SaaS products for brands and agencies that are designed to help public relations, content and social media professionals be more performative, predictive and productive. It will be led by PR industry veteran and entrepreneur Aaron Kwittken, founder and CEO of PRophet, the unit’s flagship product.

“With PRophet as a first-mover in the generative AI space for communications professionals, we’re excited to launch this unique business unit to serve the multi-billion-dollar PR and influencer communications software market,” said Stagwell Chairman and CEO Mark Penn. “Stagwell is driving the future of communications and marketing with our game-changing AR and AI technology in the Stagwell Marketing Cloud.”

Stagwell’s Comms Tech Unit will also debut the communications industry’s first free AI writing tool at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, at an event in partnership with Axios on March 13. Fully integrated into PRophet, the tool, branded “Taylor” as a playful descriptor for tailored content, helps PR, content and social media professionals create first drafts or re-generate existing drafts of pitches, press releases, bylines, blog posts, social posts and more. Taylor will enable brands and agencies to create compelling content more quickly and efficiently than ever before, and will provide insights into which types of content are most effective.

“2023 is the year of the communications engineer and Stagwell Marketing Cloud’s Comms Tech Unit is dedicated to delivering, democratizing and evangelizing AI-driven solutions that transform how the PR industry works and performs,” said Aaron Kwittken, founder of PRophet and CEO of the Comms Tech unit. He added, “Our new generative AI tool significantly uplevels ChatGPT’s functionality in a way that will save modern PR and social media professionals significant time when creating content while also improving the mediabilty and receptivity of their storytelling.”

The Comms Tech unit will house PRophet, the first-ever generative and predictive AI SaaS platform, Koalifyed, an influencer discovery and campaign management platform, and will continue to build and deliver transformative software tools to modern communicators. Future products will include AI-powered tools around narrative analysis, combating misinformation and managing brand safety.

PRophet, founded in late 2020, uses AI techniques including natural language processing and machine learning to help modern PR professionals generate, analyze and test content to predict earned media interest and sentiment. PRophet was the 2019 winner of Stagwell’s internal innovation competition which invests in new product ideas proposed by the network’s 13,000+ employees.

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