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Standard AI debuts Vision Analytics to unlock insights for retail

With the company’s shift from autonomous checkout solutions, Standard AI promotes COO, Angie Westbrock, to CEO and SVP of Technology Strategy, David Woollard, as CTO
Standard AI

Standard AI, the company unlocking data behind physical retail experiences, announced the launch of a new product suite and the elevation of veteran company executives to CEO and CTO. Enabled by AI and computer vision, Standard AI is introducing Vision Analytics to empower retailers and brands with insights into shopper behavior, product performance, and store operations captured through unparalleled fidelity of people, products, and interactions. As the company shifts from its foundation in autonomous checkout, Angie Westbrock will assume the role of CEO following her tenure as COO and David Woollard will become CTO, a promotion from his role as SVP of Technology Strategy. Jordan Fisher, the company’s outgoing CEO and co-founder, will remain on the Standard AI board as chairman.

Founded in 2017, Standard AI has long been at the forefront of applying machine learning and computer vision to the hardest problems in retail. Focused initially on solving the challenge of autonomous checkout, it created a technology stack with immediate application to map what a customer does from entrance to exit in real-time and 3D. Standard AI Vision Analytics applies continuous data capture and AI modeling to specific areas within a store to yield comprehensive insights that provide an uplift in revenue for brick-and-mortar businesses and an understanding of consumer behavior for CPG suppliers.

Under Westbrock’s leadership, Standard AI is doubling down on its mission to provide a clear view into how people spend their time, attention, and decision-making power within physical spaces – an operational challenge that has lingered in the retail industry for decades. Reflective of the interdisciplinary experience of its newly appointed executive team, as CEO, Westbrock brings an extensive background in operations and the CPG industry. Most recently, she served as the VP of Global Operations at Lyft, which included acting as the lead for the company’s global COVID task force.

“Over the past seven years, Standard AI has created some of the most advanced digital technology that maps physical spaces,” said Angie Westbrock, CEO of Standard AI. “This breakthrough in technology provides a level of fidelity to store interactions that has never been possible until now and as CEO, I’m excited to work with our team to bring these insights to our customers.”

“The future for Standard AI is bright – the company has never been more equipped to bring the transformative power of AI and computer vision to retail,” said Jordan Fisher, Standard AI’s outgoing CEO and chairman of the board. “I am thrilled to pass the torch to Angie whose deep industry knowledge and experience will build on our technology foundation and guide the company through this next phase of growth.”

“The impressive technology we built for autonomous checkout at Standard has enabled this new path forward to finally give the retail industry precise insights into the interactions between people and products in stores,” said David Woollard, CTO of Standard AI. “Delivering these insights while maintaining shopper privacy has been a core tenant of Standard AI from its early beginnings and I am proud to work with Angie in our new roles to advance our Vision Analytics platform.”

“With Jordan’s leadership, Standard AI has been at the forefront of applying AI and computer vision in retail,” said Garry Tan, CEO of Y Combinator and Standard AI board member. “The company’s shift to give the industry a clear line of sight into physical operations is a natural step forward and we are excited to welcome Angie’s deep industry knowledge and David’s technology expertise as Standard AI’s newly appointed executive team.”

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