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Storyblocks adds DaVinci Resolve Templates to Media Library

The ready-to-use, customizable templates enable efficient video creation processes while producing more engaging content

Storyblocks, an unlimited, subscription-based stock media platform with video creation and workflow functionality, has launched DaVinci Resolve templates in the Storyblocks library, allowing users to easily add motion graphics, visual effects and animated sequences to their videos in DaVinci Resolve, while taking advantage of Storyblocks’ robust stock media content.

The launch of DaVinci Resolve templates within the Storyblocks library coincides with the rapid rise of DaVinci Resolve’s popularity. Video editors and creators migrating their work to the platform cite powerful features at competitive price points, along with a compelling ecosystem. Meanwhile, creators and businesses alike are under increasing pressure to create high-quality videos faster than ever to keep up with increasing demand in the B2B, B2C and media verticals, where video outshines the marketing ROI of all other media formats. The DaVinci Resolve templates launch represents Storyblocks’ latest innovation to meet the needs of creatives and simplify the video creation process every step of the way.

“Incorporating DaVinci Resolve templates into our library demonstrates our continued investment in our product offerings and highlights how we are evolving alongside our users,” said TJ Leonard, CEO of Storyblocks. “As creators and businesses across every industry prioritize video, we’re committed to providing the resources they need to make the highest-quality videos possible in a timely manner. This launch is just the next step in this journey.”

Users who prefer DaVinci Resolve for their video editing can end up spending hours creating motion graphics and special effects from scratch. The extra work involved slows down creative processes, adds more costs to budgets and can diminish the quality and consistency of their videos.

The addition of 600+ DaVinci Resolve templates to the Storyblocks library delivers greater value to customers, enabling users to effortlessly craft professional-looking videos. Direct access to these ready-to-use, customizable templates allows anyone to quickly create titles, transitions, logos and other motion graphics for their videos and easily swap content that fits their brand and style. Templates represent just one of many workflow and platform benefits that Storyblocks enterprise clients cite, resulting in over 3.5 hours of time savings per user every week. This latest addition complements Storyblocks’ collection of more than 27,000 Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Apple Motion templates.

“With this launch, users can work more efficiently, accessing the templates they need directly from Storyblocks without creating effects from scratch,” said Leo Moriya, director of content operations at Storyblocks. “As a video editor myself, I know how much the right template can help craft more engaging and professional content. After seeing the high quality of what we’re launching, I’m confident we’re meeting our customers’ and contributors’ growing demand for DaVinci Resolve templates and supporting their creative work.”

“I use a lot of different software to edit video, but DaVinci Resolve is where I do the majority of my work. It’s been hard to find DaVinci Resolve templates, but as Storyblocks is already such a big part of my workflow, having these templates within the library will streamline my process considerably,” said Casey Clark, senior manager of video at Luma Health. “With Storyblocks, I love having a platform where you can access anything, anytime and not have to worry. It leaves a lot of room for creativity and experimentation.”

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