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Storyblok Launches Technology Ecosystem

The ecosystem includes solutions like BigCommerce, Netlify, and Cloudinary that work with Storyblok's headless CMS
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Storyblok, an enterprise headless content management system (CMS) that enables developers and marketers to deliver powerful content experiences on any digital platform, today announced the launch of its Technology Ecosystem. This new program is a curated collection of MACH-ready technology solutions that can be integrated together, with Storyblok as the central content hub.

Storyblok’s Technology Ecosystem contains an initial group of 15 partners, including BigCommerce, Netlify, and Cloudinary. Storyblok provides integrations for e-commerce, localization, deployment and hosting, personalization, marketing, analytics, and more to allow businesses to build successful digital experiences across channels on top of best-of-breed, composable technology.

“In the last few years, Storyblok’s customers have already built more than 120,000 projects, not only on top of our headless CMS, but in a composable manner with multiple technologies connected,” said Barry D’Arcy, VP of Partners at Storyblok. “We want to offer businesses a strong ecosystem of powerful API-led technologies to support the growth of their digital offerings. Partnering with other best-in-class solutions allows us to co-innovate within the ecosystem and deliver better digital outcomes.”

“Jamstack is an approach to build for the web that has generated a large global community and movement over the past six years,” said Sarfaraz Rydhan, Senior Director of Business Development at Netlify. “Netlify is focused on bringing the modern web community together and enabling the benefits of Jamstack with our platform alongside partners and customers. We are delighted to be part of Storyblok’s Technology Ecosystem to help empower our customers to build better digital experiences with the Jamstack.”

“Cloudinary firmly believes in establishing relationships with other software companies that share our belief in headless, API-first software and composable technology – which is why we’re so excited to be a part of the Storyblok Technology Ecosystem,” said Gary Ballabio, VP of Technology Partnerships at Cloudinary.

Read more about the Technology Ecosystem on Storyblok’s blog, and visit the Technology Ecosystem page to see the full list of partners and learn how to become a partner.

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