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Streann’s TV 3.0 wins Product of the Year Award at NAB Show 2024

TV 3.0 Takes Gold for Its Innovative Vertical Video Capabilities

Streann proudly announces its recognition as an industry leader at the sixth annual Product of the Year Awards, held live during the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas. Recognized as one of the most prestigious accolades in the content industry, the awards celebrate the outstanding products showcased at the event.
Judged by industry experts, the NAB Show Product of the Year awards spotlight the most promising innovations in the broadcasting industry. This year’s winners were chosen from a competitive field of over 500 entries across 11 categories.

Gio Punzo, CEO of Streann, remarked, “We are transforming content owners and broadcasters into social media companies, revolutionizing community building on a global scale. This recognition from the NAB Show solidifies Streann’s position as a pioneer in digital content delivery. Our TV 3.0 garnered significant interest from top media companies at the NAB show floor, and we are excited for what lies ahead.”

According to Goldman Sachs, the Creator Economy is poised to generate over $250 billion in revenue this year, with a mere $17 billion attributed to user-generated content. This staggering growth underscores the immense potential of this vertical, projected to double its revenue to half a trillion dollars by the end of the decade.

Vertical videos have evolved from a passing trend to a data-driven strategy, demonstrating unparalleled effectiveness in captivating audience attention and fostering deeper connections. Streann’s Inside-Reels leads the charge in vertical video innovation, empowering users to effortlessly create and share captivating content. With advanced technologies like face recognition and seamless vertical scrolling interfaces, Streann redefines community building and brand amplification.

Streann’s TV 3.0 introduces groundbreaking vertical video capabilities, revolutionizing content consumption and engagement. Leveraging AI and social content platforms, TV 3.0 amplifies viewability by an astonishing 187% and doubles engagement rates. With vertical videos occupying 78% more screen space on mobile devices, they inherently command greater attention and stand out in the digital landscape. Notably, 71% of users prefer vertical video ads, resulting in heightened engagement and doubling the purchase intent compared to horizontal ads.

Streann’s cutting-edge technologies facilitate the effortless creation and sharing of captivating vertical content, tapping into the creative potential seen on platforms like TikTok. Brands increasingly adopt vertical videos due to their effectiveness, with advertisers witnessing a significant 53% boost in ROI compared to other formats.

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