Style AI Launches Suite of AI Assistants

Style AI

Style AI, the cutting-edge, Series A startup from the Bay Area, is on a mission to empower small to medium-sized businesses with a comprehensive suite of AI assistants. Today, Style AI proudly announces the much-anticipated launch of their second AI assistant, “Seona,” a true game-changer in the world of search engine optimization (SEO).

Seona, powered by advanced machine learning models and AI built out of UC Berkeley, revolutionizes SEO optimization for websites. With its remarkable ability to analyze and comprehend website content, Seona dynamically updates headers, content, and meta tags, meticulously tailored to enhance SEO performance. Say goodbye to laborious manual adjustments and endless guesswork – Seona effortlessly takes charge, ensuring your website attains the visibility it deserves.

But Seona’s capabilities don’t end there. Acting as your diligent digital partner, it generates regular comprehensive reports, showcasing your website’s rankings and the remarkable changes it has orchestrated. These insightful updates arrive weekly, keeping you informed and in control. The best part? Seona streamlines the entire process, requiring only your website’s URL as input. With a single click, Seona’s AI magic sets in motion, propelling your website’s SEO success effortlessly.

Seona’s remarkable debut closely follows the introduction of Style AI’s inaugural AI assistant, “Levi.” Levi takes website creation to the next level by effortlessly designing fully customized personal and business websites with just a few simple questions. It goes even further by intuitively understanding custom changes you desire for your site, whether it involves image placement, content modification, or even injecting humor into specific sections. Levi’s expertise in crafting tailored websites sets the stage for Seona’s extraordinary SEO optimization capabilities.

Since its release, Levi has built thousands of websites that are being used by professionals around the world, from lawyers to accountants to life coaches to personal portfolios. However, given that any existing website can benefit from better SEO, the ambition for Seona is even higher.

“Expanding your website’s reach to attract more potential customers is a universal advantage for businesses,” declares Christopher Wang, the COO of Style AI. “By simply entering your site’s URL, we are confident that Seona can help drive increased traffic and improve your site’s rankings. Anyone with a website should give Seona a try.” To celebrate the launch, for a limited time, Style AI is giving users free access to Seona and Levi for a month! For more information, check out both AI assistants here.

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