SurePoint Technologies Announces Acquisition of Coyote Analytics

The unmatched industry insight, domain expertise, and technological prowess of the combined team furthers the company’s mission to empower legal professionals with predictive technology
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SurePoint Technologies, the leading cloud provider of financial and practice management solutions for law firms, announced today its acquisition of Coyote Analytics. The transaction marks significant expansion across the legal market, giving legal professionals the widest array of choice for CRM, financial, and practice management software. Both award-winning systems, the SurePoint Legal Management System (LMS) and Coyote Analytics, present complementary best-of-breed functionality. Over time, users of both platforms will begin to see the best of each system rolled into the other. SurePoint plans to build a cloud-based version of Coyote Analytics later this year.

“We are excited to welcome the Coyote Analytics family of clients to the SurePoint Community,” said Tom Obermaier, Chief Executive Officer of SurePoint. “They will continue to be served by the same best-in-class team. Coyote’s products are and will remain an essential part of the SurePoint experience.”

Coyote Analytics has earned a reputation for developing an intuitive legal software with a customer satisfaction score above 92%. The technology provides attorneys the ability to personalize workflows by leveraging a robust suite of user empowerment capabilities. The acquisition positions SurePoint as the unrivaled provider with the resources, capacity, and expertise to develop advanced predictive systems for the legal industry.

Coyote Analytics’ superior design expertise, extraordinary analytical capabilities, and leading data architecture combined with SurePoint’s artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning experience accelerates the development of category-creating technology.

“This transaction is about the future,” said Obermaier. “The legal industry is just beginning to embrace the power of modern technology. The future is analytical insight driving embedded prediction. SurePoint and its team is uniquely positioned to fully address the needs of the market through its unmatched industry insight, technological prowess, and an embracing customer community. We can’t wait to work with the Coyote Analytics team and their founders, long time legal tech visionaries Mike Credland and Maureen Neuroth to bring this new reality to the industry.”

The combined team of accountants, former law firm administrators, engineers, and data scientists will propel SurePoint’s mission to develop critical and essential tools that law firms need to run their businesses and further its goal to build AI-enabled technology that drives automation and prediction in the business and practice of law.

“We are excited to become part of the SurePoint team,” said Maureen Neuroth, Co-Founder of Coyote Analytics. “For over 10 years, we have developed intuitive and robust financial management solutions by listening to our clients’ needs. This partnership will give us access to a large team of legal technology experts which will allow us to grow and enhance our products and services to help our clients stay competitive.”

With this move, SurePoint continues to expand its market share of mid-size law firms. It will serve over 1,000 law firms and a community of more than 100,000 users. As part of the transaction, all of Coyote Analytics’ workforce will become part of the SurePoint team. Coyote Analytics remains available as a stand-alone product for both its present and new users.

“We are thrilled to join the SurePoint team and for our clients to become part of the SurePoint Community,” said Mike Credland, Co-Founder of Coyote Analytics. “Coyote Analytics and SurePoint share a powerful vision for the future of legal technology, and we look forward to building cutting-edge solutions together. As we team up to build the next generation of software that leverages the best of both products, the voice of customer and feedback will be at the heart of everything we do. Our future together is brighter than ever before.”

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