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SVA Consulting Brands Data Analytics and Visualization Practice


Data is the backbone of any business, but collecting, organizing, and understanding all that data can be a difficult prospect. After cultivating a rich and extensive legacy in this field, SVA Consulting proudly unveils the formal branding of our expertise under the title of our Data Analytics and Visualization practice.

“This branding highlights our deep expertise in data analytics and also serves to educate the marketplace about advancements in the field. We remember the days of manually collecting and organizing data and the huge amount of time it would take,” says Bryan Bechtoldt, President and Principal for SVA Consulting. “Amid rapid advancements, we aim to inform the marketplace about the innovations in the field and the new toolsets now available because of this. What used to take 6 months to a year can now be accomplished in just a third of the time, reducing the total cost of ownership for maintaining a data analytics and visualization program within your business.”

SVA Consulting helps you begin a data journey where you are defining a strategy that informs how to deliver actionable information across the business. Leveraging modern tools like Matillion, Snowflake, Tableau, and Power BI, SVA Consulting helps businesses build data architecture while reducing the time and expenses required to produce analytics. These tools, when implemented, allow businesses to deliver the information needed for informed decisions where and when people need it.

SVA Consulting’s Data Analytics and Visualization Practice helps companies:

  • Create a comprehensive data strategy
  • Integrate data across your organization
  • Receive actionable data in a timely fashion
  • Easily explore and visualize data
  • Reduce manual reporting
  • Leverage modern, cloud-based tools

Our newly branded practice transforms data into a strategic asset that drives growth, efficiency, and informed decision-making, and turns complex data into actionable insights. Visit our comprehensive Data Analytics and Visualization page for detailed insights into the practice and more information on how SVA Consulting can provide your business with Measurable Results.®

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