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SymphonyAI Retail CPG CINDE Insights Now Available for CPGs

North American CPG manufacturers can now benefit from same science-based insights as their retail partners

SymphonyAI Retail CPG, a leading provider of end-to-end, integrated AI-powered merchandising, personalization and supply chain solutions for retailers and CPG manufacturers, today announced its fully AI-enabled CINDE Insights platform is now available for CPGs working with North American retail partners.

Since 2017, CINDE (Customer INsights and Decision Engine) Insights has helped some of the world’s largest retailers identify relevant opportunities to increase sales and shopper engagement, recommend high-impact actions and free up merchant time to allow for more strategic decision-making. Now, North American CPGs have access to the same AI-powered capabilities as SymphonyAI retailer clients to leverage science-based recommendations.

“Today’s retail environment is complex and shopper needs are changing faster than ever,” said Manish Choudhary, President, SymphonyAI Retail CPG. “For both retailers and CPGs, this means there are simply too many questions to answer manually. CINDE Insights delivers specific high-impact recommendations based on deep analytics, enabling category planners to act fast in response to changing market conditions and deliver business goals reliably.”

Unlike other data reporting solutions that can overwhelm with detailed data, CINDE pays vigilant attention behind the scenes to surface detailed insights and meaningful recommended actions. CINDE Insights’ proprietary AI architecture allows users to go a step further than with other market offerings by providing proactive ways to action against the who, what, where and why of customer-centric retailing. Now CPGs will have access to the same granular, actionable intelligence as the retail category manager – including at the store, SKU and shopper level – for pinpointed decision-making. This shared view of opportunities enables better business results for both parties.

To learn more about CINDE Insights for CPGs, please visit https://www.symphonyretailai.com/cinde-ai.

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