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SyncWords deploy features to help Zoom become more accessible

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SyncWords, the world’s leading captioning services provider, is delighted to deploy additional features to help Zoom become more accessible to users worldwideWith this rollout, Zoom users will enjoy expanded language support to 50+ languages and high accuracy captioning using SyncWords’ Artificial Intelligence. A true pioneer in the world of AI captioning, with accuracy levels that are unrivaled by others, SyncWords continues to innovate in the world of virtual meetings.

SyncWords’ ASR Solution: Higher Accuracy, More Languages
With SyncWords’ expanded language support, including AI dictionaries for 50+ languages, captions are not restricted to just English captions offered by Zoom. So, Zoom sessions can now be streamed with real-time captions in additional languages, as well as translations to multiple languages. Using SyncWords powered captions and subtitles, the next time you host a Zoom event could mean the difference between just having an audience and having a highly engaged audience.

Zoom currently supports captioning using ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition). Yet, it is limited only to English without the opportunity to customize the output, thus excluding non-English speaking audiences and compromising accuracy for terms may be crucial to customers.

SyncWords’ ASR features enable customers to identify names, product information, and terminologies – the key factors for effective communication and success of live meetings. With the latest upgrade, organizations can now customize the ASR dictionaries at the organization level and for specific events.

Pioneer in Live Translations
SyncWords was the first to provide real-time translations of captions in Zoom meetings back in 2018. SyncWords’ live translations in Zoom enable users to follow events in their native languages. This functionality is also available on other conferencing platforms like Hopin, WebEx, Adobe Connect, ON24, and virtual event platforms. Any event can be live-streamed with accurate captions and multi-language translations, being available on all interfaces and devices like mobile, desktop, or tablet. Both live captions and translations can be integrated via API into any platform.

SyncWords’ advanced translation glossary enables customers to customize the translation of specific terms so captions in the output language capture nuances from the input source, thus, ensuring language accuracy. Generally, companies would prefer to keep their brand name or products not translated to target languages: “Twitch” should always appear as “Twitch” despite the language.

Pay-as-you-go Model
SyncWords’ solutions do not require subscriptions, either. They are pay-as-you-go to suit each viewer’s preferences. Below is the growing list of languages currently supported in SyncWords.

Recorded Videos
Finally, SyncWords also offers a way to automatically transcribe and translate all Zoom recordings using an elegant portal perfect for video-on-demand workflows. Thus, Zoom users can download transcripts of sessions for their perusal at their convenience.

“The SyncWords Live platform features a simple way to add a custom dictionary to English and all other languages to get the most accurate live transcription using speech-to-text technology,” said Giovanni Galvez, SyncWords VP of Business Development. “We want Zoom users from all over the world to try our system to see the results for themselves.”

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