Syndic8 Offers Enhanced Product Content on Walmart

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Today’s e-commerce competition is fierce – consumers expect a high-quality, immersive shopping experience with a small-time window to win (or lose) a prospective customer. Marketplaces have become a dominant and vital component of every brand’s e-commerce plan – they offer a consistent consumer experience across millions of products. For brands, this makes differentiation of the highest importance – and rich media is the new battleground.

Earlier this year, Walmart enabled brands to add rich media to their product content, including 360-degree images, product tours, customer review videos, expert reviews, and comparison tables. Despite these new options, very few brands have capitalized on this opportunity due to the technical challenges involved. Walmart requires retailers to use a content provider to host and submit the rich media content to Walmart, and very few companies can provide these services.

As a Walmart Connected Content Solution Provider, Syndic8 now provides seamless integration of enriched media content on marketplaces such as Walmart. Syndic8 provides user-friendly and cost-effective syndication of enriched media content to online marketplaces such as Walmart. By integrating Syndic8’s versatile digital solutions into your company, your brand will stay at the forefront of e-commerce innovation and win more customers in this increasingly competitive landscape.

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