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TalkTRx™ launched to Improve Pharma Field Rep Conversations with HCPs

Unveiled Today at the 2024 Veeva Commercial Summit, One of the Largest Gatherings of Commercial and Medical Professionals in Life Sciences

ACTO today announced the availability of TalkTRx™, the first product built to provide reps access to marketing assets with overlaid context so they can present accurately and in a more personal way to health care providers (HCPs). TalkTRx from ACTO is developed as part of the company’s AI-powered Intelligent Field Excellence (IFE) platform, purpose-built for life science to help field professionals improve face-to-face HCP engagement.

ACTO TalkTRx, integrated with Veeva Vault PromoMats, provides access to current and approved content stored in Vault while layering on key talking points and best practice tips for reps using the asset in HCP interactions. The integration is available now and is built and delivered by ACTO.

“Our reps use the ACTO platform on a regular basis out in the field to refresh on brand and clinical messaging in preparation for HCP meetings,” said Tyrone Hollie, Director of Learning Technology & Field Onboarding, Training Curriculum & Development at Ipsen. “While reps are trained on new marketing content, it is hard for them to remember the talking points in the moment of need. With TalkTRx, reps can pull up the approved asset from Vault PromoMats on ACTO and review the key message points in a matter of minutes. Not only does this ensure message accuracy, it also encourages use of the assets, which results in better HCP engagement.”

As a Veeva Silver Certified Product Partner, ACTO already has a certified integration with Veeva CRM. With the new TalkTRx product and Veeva Vault integration, ACTO will be able to sync content and information with Vault CRM, Vault PromoMats, and Vault MedComms, increasing the value for mutual customers.

“Field reps remain the most effective and expensive channel in the omnichannel approach to HCP engagement,” said Parth Khanna, CEO of ACTO. “But controlling the message and measuring the impact of live rep-HCP interactions is nearly impossible. However, with ACTO, we are turning field reps into ‘Masters of the Message,’ ensuring they are competent, confident, and credible in every HCP interaction. Our integration with Veeva Vault and TalkTRx gives reps the content and context they need, making them trusted advisors in an environment that is more complex, less forgiving, and comes with higher stakes for success regarding HCP engagement and brand performance.”

Stop by the ACTO booth and come to our Innovation Theater presentation on Wednesday, May 8, from 8:00 – 8:15 a.m. ET at the Veeva Commercial Summit in Boston to learn more and see a demo. For more information, visit

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