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Tapestry expands partnership with Bluecore to add new client

Bluecore’s Marketing Platform Drove Meaningful Customer Movement in 2023, Paving the Way for Growth and Retention in 2024

Bluecore, a retail shopper identification and customer movement technology, has announced that its relationship with Tapestry (NYSE: TPR) is expanding across the brand portfolio to include its kate spade new york brand. The platform has been delivering strong identification improvements and contributing to marketing growth for Coach and Stuart Weitzman. Tapestry’s modern and global technology stack is designed to drive consumer engagement and is a key aspect of its ability to lead in omnichannel operations and consumer engagement.

The expanded partnership with Bluecore reflects Tapestry’s continued focus on improving customer identification, engagement and retention to increase purchases from new, active, and inactive buyers. Since 2022, Bluecore has helped Coach and Stuart Weitzman improve growth and retention through successful marketing, customer experience and strategic expertise.

“Our focus is on building long-lasting customer relationships and our partnership with Bluecore aligns to delivering customer-centric strategies across our brand and omnichannel initiatives,” said Kimberly Wallengren, Vice President of Marketing, North America at Coach. “Consumers want to be a part of something greater and Bluecore is a key part of our ability to both identify and understand shoppers and customers so that we can connect individually, fulfilling both the consumer’s desire, while also supporting our goals of increasing customer lifetime value.”

As a result of successes with Coach and Stuart Weitzman, Tapestry has recently expanded their Bluecore implementation to include Kate Spade. In addition, Tapestry plans to increase its use of the platform, including the flexibility to integrate Bluecore’s data across its digital marketing tech stack, which includes Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Amperity, Attentive, and Tulip. Bluecore has the potential to further improve the relevance of marketing-driven engagements with real-time shoppers, customers, and product data. Bluecore collects and turns this data into insights through retail-specific models related to purchase intent, lifetime value, product affinity, discount affinity, and more.

“Bluecore collaborated with Tapestry on the concept of customer movement in 2023. As we continue to focus on deepening connections with our customers now and in the future, Bluecore has allowed us to further move away from channel-centric execution to customer-centric execution,” said Joe Milano, SVP of Digital at Tapestry. “The platform enables us to engage with individual customers more effectively with personalized storytelling and distinctive omnichannel experiences. Further integrating Bluecore into our stack will allow us to continue to improve omnichannel identification and repeat purchase rates, both of which are critical components of customer lifetime value.”

Tapestry selected the Bluecore platform based on its team and technology, including its ability to provide data about customer movement, which helps identify opportunities to tailor marketing to new, active, and inactive customers. The technology enables advanced decisioning and data activation across key digital channels, including site, mobile, email, and social.

“Tapestry has moved into a customer-centric leadership position in the retail market and we are thrilled to be expanding our relationship with an organization that is at the forefront of customer engagement,” said Fayez Mohamood, CEO and Co-Founder of Bluecore. “Our ability to increase identification rates and repeat purchases for Coach and Stuart Weitzman is just the beginning of what Tapestry can do with Bluecore. We look forward to our teams and technology becoming further integrated so that we can work with all of Tapestry’s brands and partners to put the customer first,” said Fayez Mohamood, CEO and Co-Founder of Bluecore.

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