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TapResearch Launches Market Intelligence Solutions™

Customer ‘King’s Hawaiian’ Brand Achieves 10X Results Compared to Traditional Research Alternatives
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TapResearch, a leading market intelligence solution provider, today announced the launch of its Market Intelligence Solutions™ platform comprising Market Insights and Brand Insights. Market Intelligence Solutions is an intuitive centralized platform that enables researchers and marketers to easily survey their target audience and get real-time actionable insights with ease, including consumer preferences and behavior towards their product or brand, as well as key market trends.

“The fact that the world is changing more quickly than ever before, has created a research technology-fueled boom in the Market Research industry,” said TapResearch’s CEO Aaron Platshon. “We are thrilled to introduce our new real-time insights solutions that make it ten times easier for brands to inform their decisions with insights directly from their target market.”

Market Insights by TapResearch empowers companies to easily conduct online surveys to track and measure human behavior and preferences so they can make critical decisions with confidence.

Brand Insights by TapResearch enables them to drive growth and consumer loyalty with custom, high-frequency tracking of their brand in real-time, powered by the TapResearch Global Audience Network. Audience Network is the TapResearch proprietary network that reaches 20M+ real consumers (not professional panelists) through the popular mobile apps they use every day.

Customers like King’s Hawaiian use Brand Insights by TapResearch to get full-funnel reporting on three key sources of data: marketing spend, brand health tracking, and sales data. With Brand Insights, King’s Hawaiian has been able to get continuous insight into product-level health metrics that enable campaign-level attribution. The output is a 10X brand tracker that provides King’s with continuous insight into their brand, product, competitive intel, and campaign performance, 52-weeks per year. “TapResearch is providing us with an entirely new source of actionable insights about our brands, products, consumer preferences, and competitors. The quality and consistency of the data are enabling our team to measure key market signals, like price sensitivity, in a way that informs decisions on a weekly basis.” Troy Figgins – Head of Consumer Insights, King’s Hawaiian.

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