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Teads launches AI-Powered Solutions

Global omnichannel media platform launches suite of offerings to include innovative lower funnel offering Teads Conversions, Teads Data Suite powered by Contextual Intelligence, and Teads AI Creative Lab

Teads, the global media platform, today announced at its partner day event, Teads Connects, a suite of new AI-powered solutions across Connected TV (CTV), Performance and Contextual, designed to elevate strategies for advertisers and publishers across media. Teads’ new offerings will help its partners achieve full-funnel success, further fortifying its global position as an omnichannel platform that embraces premium environments, data-driven messaging, evidence-based creative, and incrementality. Teads’ new suite of products are designed to help advertisers reach their target audiences more effectively and efficiently.

Teads’ new offerings for advertisers and publishers include:

Teads’ CTV Expansion:

As CTV usage grows around the globe, Teads has announced an expansion of its connected TV (CTV) presence following its initial US launch in 2021 and more recent launches in CanadaBrazilFranceGermanyItalyMexicoSpain, and the United Kingdom. Teads will now begin rolling out its CTV offering across Asia-Pacific (APAC), starting with AustraliaIndiaNew Zealand, and South Korea.

Highlighting the truly global nature of Teads’ CTV offering, the expansion will grant advertisers access to its exclusive genre-targeting segments, derived from users’ online content preferences. Leveraging Teads’ proprietary data curation technology, this innovation enhances CTV contextual targeting, offering advertisers precision, scale, and granularity to enable personalized messaging.

Now, brands can simplify transactions and leverage CTV media to unlock access to audiences watching the most impactful screen in the home across the top four OEMs globally. This delivers on Teads’ promise of unparalleled reach and engagement, ensuring brands resonate across every screen.

Katharine Painter, Media Director at Apollo Partners said: “Teads has helped us innovate and grow our omnichannel presence, by enabling Nature’s Bakery to reach a health-conscious millennial audience while they’re on their phones or streaming their favorite content on TV. According to our measurement study, Teads drove a +3.2 point lift in Brand Awareness and a +3 point lift in Brand Favorability in just 10 weeks.”

Teads Conversions:

A longstanding pioneer of transparent inventory and quality viewable impressions, Teads announces an expansion of its current performance suite of acquisition and commerce capabilities to become a true full-funnel solution with Teads Conversions. Seamlessly improving results at every stage of the customer journey, Teads Conversions connects awareness with quality traffic to ultimately drive increased website conversions.

Among the first in its category to move from branding to mid and lower-funnel solutions, Teads Conversions will empower brands by optimizing campaigns in quality, fraud-free environments to ensure that ads are seen by real people on high-quality websites to generate final conversion actions. Additionally, Teads Conversions uses predictive AI to drive qualified leads, purchases and sales, helping brands reach the right people with the right message one conversion at a time.

The launch of Teads Conversions comes after a successful beta program with over 150 campaigns spanning 35 markets. During the beta window, Teads helped achieve clients’ cost per action goals in 75% of these campaigns and experienced tremendous success across such verticals as entertainment, travel, e-commerce and telecommunications service providers.

Teads helps partners achieve full-funnel success, as evidenced by its partnership with Stellantis/Fiat for a recent flagship launch campaign in Brazil. By working alongside Teads, Fiat was able to achieve a remarkable -81% reduction in conversion costs. Both CTR and CPC metrics also significantly outperformed the market benchmark for the Automotive category, with CTR showing an impressive increase of +73% and CPC a decrease of -6%.

Giovanna Mendonça, Senior Marketing Analyst at Stellantis said: “Working with Teads on our Fiat Fastback campaign, we were able to effectively bridge the gap between brand awareness and conversion. It’s clear that Teads’ performance solutions have had a substantial impact on our lead generation and digital presence, and we are excited to drive our business forward with Teads.”

Teads Data Suite, powered by Contextual Intelligence:

Teads unveils its AI-powered Data Suite, a toolkit of data powered solutions, fueled by 150 billion daily contextual data signals from premium publishing partners.

Teads first launched cookieless solutions, inclusive of the Cookieless Translator, for advertisers and publishers in 2020 and today more than 70% of media campaigns leverage Teads’ cookieless based signals. Teads has observed equal or improved performance when using cookieless products for its advertising partners as well as monetization for its publishing partners.

As we approach the final deprecation of third-party cookies, Teads has taken the learnings from the last several years to launch Teads Data Suite, providing advertisers and publishers the ability to simplify the way they plan, activate and measure leveraging cookieless solutions well beyond 2024.

Stephane Hue, Head of Precision Marketing, AMIEO at Nissan United said: “With Teads Cookieless translator we were able to ease the transition to Cookie deprecation especially for an advertiser with limited access to first-party data. By integrating the translator directly in the platform, it provides a clear idea of the impact of Cookies on our campaigns and makes it tangible to clients when it’s usually hard to get a clear understanding on this topic.”

Teads AI Creative Lab:

In order to empower brands’ creative initiatives, Teads is preparing for the launch of its AI Creative Lab, an AI-powered tool that automatically creates different ad sizes and lengths in a way that stays true to a brand’s core essence and vision. By giving brands the ability to transform a single image into different ad formats that are tailored to different scenarios and audiences, Teads is simplifying performance creative and making it easier than ever to bring campaigns to life. Automating the AI-driven creation of multiple variations, Teads can then utilize Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) and real-time data to understand each viewer and tailor ad content, including visuals, language, and call-to-action, to help advertisers make a deeper connection.

Caroline Proto, Director, Global Media at Luxottica said: “We’re thrilled to witness the innovation Teads is spearheading in the market through their AI-powered solutions, which have seamlessly bridged the offline retail experience with the consumers’ ad journey. Leveraging Teads’ AI solutions has not only enabled us to operate with greater agility, but has also significantly boosted our media performance in a quickly evolving market to remain ahead.”

Teads AI Creative Lab is a testament to Teads’ longstanding commitment to innovation and effective creative optimized to reach consumers. Its recent partnership with Luxottica yielded a lift in store visits while minimizing product returns.

Jeremy Arditi, Co-CEO of Teads said: “We’re thrilled to bring these AI-fueled solutions to our brand, agency and publishing partners. Our new offerings will help them leverage the power of AI in a transparent and trusted way, and allow them to achieve tangible ROI across all screens. And because AI is constantly learning and evolving, it helps us to stay ahead of the curve and deliver even better results for our partners over time.”

Teads’ partner day event, Teads Connects, provided brands and agencies with a platform for global updates from Teads while exploring the many layers of AI and its impact on media strategies. As an AI-powered media platform, Teads is committed to helping its partners understand AI to power media planning, data, and creativity across screens while giving them tools to succeed.

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