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ZEGOCLOUD debuts Digital Human Platform at Cloud Expo Asia


ZEGOCLOUD, a leading global cloud communication service provider, rounds off its successful engagement at Cloud Expo Asia 2023 Singapore, Asia’s fastest growing and most potent technology event from Oct 11-12. The company showcased its latest products and services in partnership with Sharker Technology, a prominent Southeast Asia-based information and communications technology solutions provider.

As the sole Real-Time Communication (RTC) and Real-Time Interaction (RTI) vendor at the event, ZEGOCLOUD unveiled its ground-breaking Digital Human SaaS platform to the market for the first time. Attendees were offered a hands-on experience, demonstrating the platform’s ability to create appropriate content using digital humans in various scenarios efficiently. These included celebrity endorsements, content marketing, e-commerce, education, customer service, etc.

The innovative platform showcased the transformative power of generative AI in improving video production efficiency and reducing costs. The solution allows businesses to enhance their communication strategies while ensuring cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

“We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to engage with users from the media and online education industries to talk about the usage of digital humans,” said Kuk Jiang, co-founder of ZEGOCLOUD. “The discussions with System Integrators about how our RTI and digital human solutions can enrich their existing solution portfolios were particularly inspiring. This event has further motivated us to continue our mission to revolutionize communication through innovative technology.”

ZEGOCLOUD’s participation in the event marks its commitment to leading the industry in harnessing the power of AI for communication. The company’s mission to provide businesses with cutting-edge, efficient, and cost-effective real-time communication and interaction solutions was further solidified by the successful debut of its Digital Human SaaS platform.

Looking forward, ZEGOCLOUD is actively seeking development, technology, and reseller partners to join them in their mission to revolutionize communication. The company believes that through cooperation and shared progress, it can continue to lead the industry in providing innovative real-time communication solutions.

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