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Tealium enhances business reporting through its Insights solution

Insights powers customizable monitoring and dashboarding for enhanced visibility into first-party data strategies

Tealium, the largest independent and most trusted customer data platform (CDP), is helping businesses accelerate advanced business monitoring with its Insights intelligence tool, ultimately leading to enhanced in-the-moment customer experiences.

With Insights, marketers can increase visibility into first-party data strategies, empowering marketers with deeper, customizable reporting and measurement tools within the Tealium Customer Data Hub. Insights provides faster campaign insights, ensures reliable data flow, and offers stronger visibility into the value of data-driven marketing initiatives.

Phil Lockhart, Chief Digital Officer at leading consulting firm Credera, an Omnicom company, remarks that a key emphasis for digital marketers is compressing the time it takes to develop the deep customer insights required to create remarkable customer experiences.

“Tealium’s new Insights tool provides the type of plug-n-play data access that leads to quicker customer insights discovery. And its intuitive design helps democratize customer data insights across the enterprise,” said Lockhart. “Based on a leading industry data scaffolding (AWS QuickSight), the Insights tool is quick to deploy and easy for marketers to access via the intuitive Tealium interface. We are looking forward to the insights and remarkable customer experiences this new tool will unlock for our clients.”

Global interactive marketing company, Aunica, is also leveraging Insights for critical operational monitoring initiatives.

“Besides the usual capabilities expected from an analytical tool, Insights is key to understanding near real-time data that are critical to operational teams and allowing them to quickly respond to any alteration detected and identify short-term opportunities,” said Karine Camejo, Data Activation and Insights at Aunica. “In addition to that, we have dashboards that were built to monitor server-side connectors so that we can easily understand which ones are high on failure rate or need any repair. This is extremely valuable when considering large-scale data activation.”

Insights’ business intelligence capabilities powers reporting and dashboarding for the Tealium Customer Data Hub. Learn more about Tealium Insights.

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