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Tecsys Named a Representative Vendor for Retail Management

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Tecsys Inc. (TSX: TCS), an industry-leading supply chain management and omnichannel commerce software company, is pleased to announce that it was recognized as a Representative Vendor in 2021 Gartner Market Guide for Retail Store Inventory Management Applications1 (Gartner subscription required). Tecsys is one of 13 store inventory management (SIM) vendors named in the report.

According to Gartner, “Store inventory is at the heart of ongoing pandemic-induced retail digital acceleration in unified commerce execution.” Yet historically, as Gartner explains, “Historically, many retailers have relied on their legacy solutions, often homegrown, for SIM processes. The adoption of third-party solutions offering “WMS-like” functionalities is also common, with simplicity of operations being the key driver. However, in many cases, these applications do not possess the full range of capabilities offered by external SIM solution providers on the market, thereby exposing retailers’ inadequacy to meet changing consumer demand in an agile manner.”1

“For Tier 1 unified commerce retailers, store inventory management (SIM) refers to the efficient and effective management of stock across all in-store processes down to SKU/item-level granularity,” according to Gartner.1

Tecsys’ order management system, Omni™ OMS, empowers retailers and brands to execute advanced retail store inventory functionality, enabling in-store pick and pack workflows that streamline the fulfillment process and deliver speed, efficiency and cost savings. Globally tested and proven, Omni™ OMS delivers a robust and intelligent order-to-fulfillment process that includes dynamic micro-fulfillment to help retailers meet new consumer expectations while providing end-to-end connectivity across the entire supply chain operation.

“To meet shoppers where they are today as digital consumers, retailers need to expand and master their fulfillment execution strategy,” says Peter Brereton, president and CEO of Tecsys. “Whereas e-commerce gateways and POS systems are widely commoditized, order management is still the wild west. Retailers are well-positioned to differentiate with capabilities like virtualization of inventory, 3PL integration, order consolidation, BOPIS, BOPAC and other fulfillment vehicles, and we are delighted to bring those functionalities to them to drive competitive advantage. We believe that our inclusion as a Representative Vendor in this Gartner’s Market Guide for Retail Store Inventory Management is testament to our ability to equip retailers with these critical unified commerce competencies.”

1 Gartner, “Market Guide for Retail Store Inventory Management Applications,” by Sandeep Unni3 May 2021.

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