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Teleperformance launches TP Configuration

Programs leveraging TP Configuration significantly reduced handling times and escalations

Teleperformance, a global leader in digital business services, today announced it has launched a new AI-driven digital solution for clients that enables faster, more efficient, and improved business processes.

TP Configuration is an integrated, unified and scalable platform for managing the end-to-end agent lifecycle and improving operational performance. A complete application suite, TP Configuration supports more efficient back-office operations for enhanced customer care, bringing together scattered processes under a single sign-on platform to deliver a 360-degree view of agent performance, the operations floor and customer inquiries.

Teleperformance clients using TP Configuration in their programs have seen significant efficiency, accuracy and customer experience benefits across a variety of industries. Programs have experienced up to 35% improvement in turnaround time, up to 40% reduction in customer escalations, and benefited from real-time insights into agent and customer interactions.

TP Configuration’s single-source platform includes near real-time monitoring and service-level reporting dashboards that deliver a comprehensive view to program operations, including quality management review and auditing, an intelligent workflow process that captures end-to-end tracking and provides automated audit flow; a system to help forecast labor needs and identify attrition risk; and more.

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