Episode 8
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Episode 8 – Discussing Digital Performance Marketing with Alana Levine

Indeed, compliance serves as the bedrock for responsible growth, BaaS for fintech partnership and your insights have proven to be … 0 10373
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Episode 7 – Discussing Data Strategy with Kazuki Ohta

A first-party data strategy will play a pivotal role in the cookie-less world that awaits all marketers. In this episode … 0 9902
localized marketing
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Episode 6 – Discussing Localized marketing with Damian Rollison

Localized marketing and location-based marketing are pivotal to multi-location brands. In this episode of MarTechCube Podcast, Damian Rollison shares his … 0 7529
Local Marketing
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Episode 5 – Discussing Local Marketing with Monica Ho

Monica Ho from SOCi discuss the tips and tricks that marketers and platforms should adopt in order to pace with … 0 7766