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The Ad Council partners with WORLDZ to host Second Annual GoodFronts on September 11th in Long Beach, CA

Annual conference where social good organizations vie for the donated time, talent, and platforms of business leaders from across industries returns for a second year at WORLDZ

The Ad Council today announced a partnership with WORLDZ to co-host the second annual WORLDZ GoodFronts, a first-of-its-kind competitive charity marketplace for social good. The event will spotlight four national nonprofits at the September 11th event in Long Beach, CA.

The WORLDZ GoodFronts, inspired by the media industry’s Upfronts, is an “Action Auction” where social good organizations vie for the donated time, talent, and platforms of business leaders from across different industries.

Introduced at last year’s WORLDZ Summit, the GoodFronts connects today’s most important causes with the resources they need to achieve their mission. The WORLDZ GoodFronts was founded by Ross Martin, CEO of Blackbird and Roman Tsunder, co-founder and CEO of WORLDZ + PTTOW!, the 2019 WORLDZ GoodFronts are presented in association with the Ad Council.

“We are incredibly proud to partner with WORLDZ again to bring GoodFronts to life. It is awe-inspiring to see top industry leaders come together to donate their platforms and resources towards some of the most important nonprofits addressing the most pressing issues of today,” said Heidi Arthur, Chief Campaign Development Officer, Ad Council.

Four nonprofit organizations have been selected to present in front of the media community at the 2019 WORLDZ GoodFronts, including International Rescue CommitteeSeize The AwkwardComic Relief, and the Life is Good Kids Foundation. Each presents their cause and upcoming needs on September 11 in Long Beach, California as part of WORLDZ Summit  – a two-day event with eclectic, immersive, intimate experiences that are created and led by influential business leaders and cultural icons.

“The WORLDZ GoodFronts delivers an unparalleled opportunity for social good organizations to pitch for the resources they need to deliver even greater impact for the causes they support,” said Ross Martin, CEO of Blackbird, and co-founder of the WORLDZ GoodFronts “We’re thrilled to be in partnership with the Ad Council to connect leaders in business, creative and technology to causes that need them now more than ever.”

This year’s Good fronts is expected to build on last year’s success. The 2018 WORLDZ GoodFronts raised $10MM in resources and investment for organizations, including the UN World Food Programme, Love Has No Labels, the Gun Safety Alliance and St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

By connecting some of the globe’s most ambitious social good organizations with the resources they need to achieve their mission, the WORLDZ GoodFronts is changing how good gets done.

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