The Brains discusses how to construct a strong SEO strategy


A successful SEO strategy can future-proof your business and reap some serious benefits for your brand, while also boosting online sales. Investing in SEO is a wise move for any modern company – but what elements are most important to include in your SEO strategy? Leading London-based digital marketing agency The Brains discusses how to construct a strong, competitive SEO strategy. An important takeaway – it’s not all about keywords.

The Brains have discovered that while many businesses are good at taking care of their front-facing strategies – such as on-page SEO, content, internal linking structures, image optimisation and metadata, often off-page optimisation and technical SEO can be forgotten. Off-page optimisation includes activities such as social media marketing, content marketing and link building – this branch of SEO directs links and authority to your website from strong, relevant domains, ultimately boosting your rankings and traffic.

Technical SEO, meanwhile, addresses crucial issues such as site speed, crawlability and indexability. What’s more, since Google made the announcement in 2019 to focus primarily on mobile-first indexing, optimising sites specifically for responsive devices has become a priority for online marketers. Tellingly, in the second quarter of 2022, mobile (not including tablets) accounted for 58.9% of global web traffic.
James Speyer, SEO expert at The Brains, commented:

“There’s a lot of careful planning and consideration that goes into a fully-fledged SEO campaign. Yes, keywords are important; but in 2022, you need extensive data feeding into a multifaceted approach, encompassing elements of on and off-page, technical, mobile and local SEO, to drive the most impressive ROI.”

James Speyer, SEO Lead Strategist, The Brains

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