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The Empowered Buyer, a New Magazine for Digital Marketing Success

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The Empowered Buyer™ Magazine, the first publication focused exclusively on the modern buyer, launched on September 9, 2020 by Markie Award winning B2B consulting agency MASS Engines.

With the digital age enabling buyers with easy access to information, a modern, informed buyer has emerged, transforming the considered purchase lifecycle. Sales reps are increasingly being cut out of the conversation, perceived as archaic and biased obstacles in the buying process. Google, Gartner, and Forrester have all found that buyers exclude Sales reps from the first 57% of their buying journey, choosing instead to navigate solution discovery unfettered.

Companies today are realizing the only way to meaningfully engage the buyer is to expand the role of Marketing beyond the traditional focus of brand and awareness-building by shifting attention to demand generation and buyer enablement. We’ve created this magazine to help Marketers adjust to this new reality with fresh ideas, new approaches, and insight to help navigate a transformed revenue funnel” – Zee Jeremic, CEO of MASS Engines.

The Magazine will help marketers:

  • Engage and influence today’s modern buyer
  • Compete more effectively in a globalized economy
  • Transform Marketing into a revenue accelerator

Understand and engage your buyer to earn a competitive advantage and drive productive sales conversations. Download MASS Engines’ new publication The Empowered Buyer™ Magazine to discover more.

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