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The ‘future’ of AI-applied content creation is already here: Report


As marketers come under increasing pressure to deliver compelling narratives and deliver personalization at scale, generative AI is no longer a far-off tech narrative but is being increasingly applied in the day-to-day to streamline content production. This is one of the key findings from The State of CMS 2024 report, which has been released from content management system (CMS) leader, Storyblok.

The report details the results of a survey commissioned by Storyblok of 1,719 businesses across the US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, and Sweden.

According to the study, generative AI for content creation is no longer the future; it is happening here and now. This is seen as four in five respondents (79%) stating they are currently using AI-powered content tools in their organization. Of the key uses cited, the most popular response was content creation (65%), followed by content editing (59%) and content ideation and research (56%).

Indicative of AI’s increasing dominance, the report also reveals that AI-generated content is the most popular (68%) content management trend that users are actively interested in, followed by automation (56%) and personalization (56%). The inference of this insight is that organizations will increasingly turn to AI-powered content tools to help fulfill evolving modern content requirements with lower costs and shorter timelines.

Interestingly, when asked what features are missing from their current CMS two in five (40%) of respondents stated AI-powered content creation. This comes as the research identifies that 75% of organizations are still using monolithic CMSs which can be difficult to scale due to a lack of omnichannel capabilities and technological inflexibility.

Adding to the content complexity,  the survey reveals half (47%) of organizations are using 2-3 CMSs, and a third (27%) are using 4-5 CMSs. The leading reason for this was to achieve omnichannel capabilities and suggest companies use multiple CMSs to address modern content requirements rather than centralizing with one system that can handle it all.

Dominik Angerer, CEO and Co-Founder of Storyblok said: “Our research reveals that the AI revolution in marketing is already here. Eight out of ten businesses have already started using AI marketing tools for a range of purposes – that’s an unprecedented adoption rate. What’s particularly encouraging is that three-quarters have put safeguards or regulations in place governing the use of AI. This indicates the speed of AI use in marketing is not coming at the expense of oversight. However, our report has also shown that technology is struggling to keep up. Many organizations simply don’t have the tech tools they need and want. As a result, we may see the move to headless solutions accelerate markedly over the course of this year. One in four organisations are already using this cutting edge tech and there’s a good chance this figure could double in the short term.”

The report also reveals much more data about the CMS industry, including:

  • The most common pain point users experience with their CMS is adding new technology, followed by security issues
  • Security issues and a lack of features are tied for the most common reasons users migrate to a new CMS
  • Easier/improved content scaling is the most sought-after missing CMS feature, cited by 43% of the sample
  • 90% of respondents have more than one team using their CMS
  • Only one in five (19%) organizationscurrently use one CMS. In 2023, this figure stood at 43%
  • 27% of organizations are using 4 to 5 CMSs, far above 2023’s number of just 11%

On a positive front, the report found that 74% of non-headless users say they are likely to switch to a headless CMS in the next two years. Of those who had already switched to headless 99% reported improvements. The most common were increased ROI (experienced by 61%) and productivity improvements (experienced by 58%).

Download The State of CMS 2024 report to see all of the results.

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