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The Local Marketer Announces Rebranding

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The Local Marketer recently announced it had rebranded, overhauled its website, and now offers premium marketing packages to help SMBs and organizations develop a multilevel targeted plan to grow new audiences and impact local communities. The brain child of web consultant and author Roberto Torres, The Local Marketer is a model of its own practice, having been nurtured to grow from a small side business into a full-time small business that has already helped dozens of businesses over the years. The Local Marketer utilizes a variety of marketing strategies on behalf of its client proven to increase sales and broaden visibility.

The Local Marketer: A Solid Marketing Strategy

With online courses and consultations, along with exceptional reading/training materials, SMBs can find exactly what they need to help expand their local footprint while growing their reputation and increasing sales. Core products include:

  1. Local Search Basics Mini-Course: Available in October, the mini-course teaches businesses how to get discovered by Google, showcase products and services, and facilitate easy customer contact.
  2. One Hour Local Marketing Consult: A one-hour online consultation with networking and marketing pro, Roberto Torres. Do a local search audit and ask any questions needed to help new and ongoing marketing strategies thrive.
  3. Local SEO Checklist: Opt-in to receive a localized SEO checklist with 20 tasks that are designed to help businesses rank in local searches. Save valuable time by reading and implementing approaches already proven to work.

The Local Marketer: What Exactly Is Local Marketing?

Local marketing refers to how a business or organization can reach a target audience that lives within a specific geographic area. Many strategies used by large corporations nationally are also useful for SMBs and local organizations, but it takes experience to understand how to scale those tactics down appropriately to a smaller, more localized audience. The Local Marketer offers help, showing clients how they can effectively leverage:

  • Online Ads: Use large platforms like Google, Facebook, and Beacon to target specific geographic areas, ensuring that customers see those ads whenever they do a platform search.
  • Sponsorships: An old but reliable way to positively impact a community, sponsoring local teams, events, and activities helps a business grow its reputation. Communities need business partners – learn how to chat with the local chamber of commerce to make a big impact for a new small business.
  • Partnerships: Partnering with an established, related business can grow a customer base quickly, while generating important word-of-mouth advertising. A classic example is a restaurant that partners with a farm to provide local produce, but a wide variety of partnerships are possible.
  • Search Marketing: Local search marketing allows businesses to get discovered in local search results conducted online. Highly effective because it targets customers who are already specifically looking for a business’s services, search marketing requires a great website with high SEO ratings. The Local Marketer can help businesses craft websites and web copy that ranks high in search engine results. (

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