Threecolts Acquires FeedbackWhiz, Email and Review Automation Tool

Threecolts Acquires FeedbackWhiz, an e-commerce saas tool to help Amazon sellers increase reviews, brand reputation, and profits.

FeedbackWhiz, an e-commerce Saas solution helping Amazon merchants increase reviews and profits, has been acquired by Threecolts.

Threecolts software suite offers e-commerce merchants enterprise solutions across multi-channels and marketplaces.

“We’re excited that Feedbackwhiz is joining Threecolts. Feedback requests, profit analysis, and product monitoring are major seller pain points. Feedbackwhiz built a stable platform to service thousands of sellers each month.” said Yoda Yee, founder, and CEO of Threecolts. “Like Feedbackwhiz, we obsess over customers and like to think out-of-the-box. We look forward to learning from Feedbackwhiz and helping them move even faster to build new services for the seller community.”

FeedbackWhiz founders Henson Wu and Arons Lee will join the Threecolts team to assist in accelerating growth across FeedbackWhiz and Threecolts products.

“Reviews and Profits are two of the most important fundamentals for an Amazon business,” said Henson Wu, CEO of FeedbackWhiz. “Having a good product can only get you so far.   Without feedback and reviews, it’s impossible to scale revenue.  Without good financial tracking and planning, sellers could be operating on thin margins.”  The FeedbackWhiz team create a pheromonal service and now with the supporting team at Threecolts, we can really make a significant impact on helping merchants scale their business through world-class software solutions.

“I’m super excited about this new chapter with Threecolts,” said Arons Lee, co-founder, and CTO of FeedbackWhiz. “Working with the talented and out-of-the-box thinkers at Threecolts will allow FeedbackWhiz to continue delivering the essential tools to help entrepreneurs succeed in their ventures.”

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