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Tips to Skyrocket your social media traffic on Friday

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Fridays have always been a great day for employees but from the perspective of marketers it is not that great. We all might have noticed that social media engagements see a dip on Fridays. Most of your effective social media marketing strategies fail to deliver on Fridays. Here at Martech Cube we too have experienced this dip. But as an individual when you observe yourself you will realize that you visit your social media platforms more frequently as you feel mentally more relaxed when compared to other working days, this means that something is not right in the way we are approaching postings and promotions on Friday.

After realizing this, we at Martech Cube started taking a different approach towards Friday. We started with our errors and learning process by drawing dedicated strategies for Fridays and got some really impressive results which we would like to share with you all.

Let’s dive in to learn some tips that can help you in gaining social media traction on Fridays,

Align Your Posts to Friday Mood
No matter what niche your company belongs to and in which way you have been promoting your content on social media, understanding the mood of your audience is key to the success of your social media strategy. When it comes to Fridays, people have already started to take their back seat and relax, so your posts should be aligned to that mood. You should post relaxing or funny themed content so that people start engaging and sharing it. Slowly you will start noticing a rise in audience engagements on Fridays as well. For example, we at Martech started with Meme Friday.

Unique Approach for Every Social Channel
This is an important factor that has a huge impact on engagements not only on Fridays but every day of a week. Every platform has its uniqueness and features, like linked is a professional’s social media whereas Instagram has a huge number of Millenniums and Gen. Z active and mainly features image content. So have a different approach for each social media channel. For Fridays post unique contents as per their social channel in alignment with the Friday mood of your audience.

Post During Show Hours
This is another reason behind the failure of social media marketing efforts. Don’t follow your regular posting time on Fridays, as people are not active at all times as they are on other days. On Fridays, people are most active in the first half of their day (this might differ as per your target audience), and you should post your content accordingly. You will have to experiments on various hours to find the most suitable posting time on Fridays.

Run Contests to Amplify Engagement
This is one of the most effective ways to drive the attention of your audience. Contests, quizzes, are the methods where people interact by themselves. To make this more exciting you can also keep prices and some gift vouchers for participants and winners. This can help you in driving huge traction and can encourage people to come back to your social media handle repeatedly.

Consider Latest Social Media Trends
Align your post according to the latest trending topic on social media. Consider trending topics and design your post and content accordingly. You can use this strategy on a day-to-day basis to drive the attention of the audience. Posting content in alignment with the trending topic drives audience engagements. Such posts also gain maximum share and click on social media which helps in building brand image and brand awareness.

Using these strategies makes you stand out of the regular social media approach of corporates and also drives traffic which further helps in optimizing the growth of a brand. Each day is important when it comes to marketing.


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Aashish Yadav
Content Writer, Martech Cube
Aashish is currently a Content writer at Martech Cube. He is an enthusiastic and avid writer. His key region of interests include covering different aspects of technology and mixing them up with layman ideologies to pan out an interesting take. His main area of interests range from medical journals to marketing arena.

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