To Meet Retailer Demand, SourceKnowledge Expands Influencer Network

The ad network, which connects nano- and micro-influencers with retailers and DTC brands, is opening to new influencers

SourceKnowledge, the open web ad network that empowers incremental reach for retailers and increased yield for publishers, announced its Influencer Network will begin accepting new influencers.

The SourceKnowledge Influencer Network facilitates authentic deal-centric content to help influencers grow their business, while their followers find great deals on their favorite brands and products. By signing up, influencers are instantly given access to the budgets of top media retailers. They can easily generate monetizable links for their favorite retailers and can earn a premium cost-per-click (CPC) rate. With SourceKnowledge Influencer Network, retailers are able to seamlessly add nano- and micro-influencers to their media mix with goal-based parameters.

Since joining the SourceKnowledge Influencer Network, MyDealAddiction has worked with retailers such as, Wayfair, Chewy, Michael Kors, Macy’s, Womanizer and more.

Michelle St. Pierre of MyDealAddiction said, “I love being a part of the SourceKnowledge Influencer Network. SourceKnowledge has helped me connect with a wide variety of respected retailers and offers a very fair and straightforward pay model.”

Influencer marketing is expected to be a $16.4 billion industry in 2022. Micro-influencers specifically can bring in as much as a 60% higher engagement rate compared to macro-influencers. However, it can be a drain on resources for large eCommerce brands and direct-to-consumer (DTC) businesses to identify and directly solidify agreements with micro-influencers who reach their target audiences.

To date the SourceKnowledge Influencer Network has operated on an invite-only referral basis. To deliver on the growing demand from retailers, SourceKnowledge has opened their Influencer Network to accept new, qualified and deal-centric influencers. It uniquely operates on a CPC model, meaning that participating influencers are paid for every valid click, as opposed to only by commissions.

“The SourceKnowledge Influencer Network helps retailers and eCommerce brands easily tap into the power of influencer marketing, since it is proven that consumers’ purchases can be influenced by what they see in their social media feeds,” said Hector Pantazopoulos, co-founder and CRO of SourceKnowledge. “Helping content creators maximize their yields is core to our values, so we are excited to open up the opportunity to join the SourceKnowledge Influencer Network to more social media accounts. With inflation at an all-time high and a recession looming, consumers are actively looking for deals. Our deal-centric influencers are an excellent way for brands to stay in front of their audiences, who may be looking to cut costs.”

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