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Top 5 Martech Tools needed for your Cloud-Shift

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Owning and managing a business is not an easy task. One has to be jammed up with ideas of marketing strategies and the right tools to make his/her business a success. Marketing cloud is an integration of cloud-based marketing tools like analytics, user experience, social media management, customer profiling, and targeting. Marketing cloud eases marketers’ effort by tracking and measuring relevant data, campaign performance, and many more. It also helps marketers to automate those tasks which are time-consuming.

There is tough competition between the leading Marketing Cloud providers. One solution is not enough for all your evolving needs. This martech guide to “Top 5 Marketing tools” will help you to leverage your business in the cloud. 

What Is Cloud Marketing?

Do you see emails from Amazon, Flipkart, or any other site in your inbox? Or do you see ads while you are scrolling Facebook or Instagram? If yes, then that marketing is called Cloud Marketing. 

Cloud Marketing is a type of digital marketing marketers used to market their product using different tools and applications.

Cloud Marketing has made a huge impact on the martech arena during the pandemic. The voluminous shift of businesses to online made a huge impact on the digital marketing world.

Advantages of Cloud Marketing

By now it’s pretty obvious why we need cloud marketing. Last year taught us to be prepared for anything and everything that awaits in the future. Here are some advantages which will help you decide whether to go for cloud marketing or not. 

  • Cost-effective: Online Marketing eliminates much of the cost required in traditional marketing like printing, advertising, and all. 
  • Fast & Effective: those days are long gone where one has to wait for long weeks to implement a strategy and wait for the result. Cloud or let’s say online marketing generates leads and builds the customer base much faster than the old goody ways.
  • Customization: Customization while cloud marketing helps marketers to creatively & effectively use interactive media to produce effective advertisements when targeting a customer. 
  • Customer Customer Base: Marketing cloud tells you everything about what is working and what isn’t. Cloud marketing tells you all about your customers with a clear visualization. It connects data with the marketing process to help marketers optimize them.

5 Cloud Marketing Tools:

Looking for a guide to help with the right Cloud Marketing tools to build customer experience, CRM, or get better data-driven marketing insights. Well, you are in the right place, here are the “Top 5 Cloud Marketing Tools” that you must use for better business growth and revenue.

Customer Experience:

  •  Oracle Marketing Cloud: It helps marketers to connect with their customers,   build the right customer experience and build a loyal customer base. 
  •  Oracle Eloqua empowers your marketing automation. It creates more closed-loop marketing and sales activities and manages cross-channel B2B marketing campaigns that nurture leads across each stage of the buying process.

 Why Oracle Eloqua?

  • It is a complete solution for lead nurturing. It manages leads and nurtures the content captured leads.
  • It offers seamless email marketing campaign management. It offers insights to make business intelligence bolder


Marketing Automation:

Klaviyo:  Klaviyo is a growth marketing platform that helps you deliver more personalized experiences across owned marketing channels like email, SMS, in-app notifications, and web

Why Klaviyo:

  • It is easy to use. The ranking and Customer Experience says it all. Klaviyo is the best. Offering over 100+ pre-built integrations, Klaviyo just keeps getting better.
  • Klaviyo provides best customer service. It is known for its cutting edge data science.



Marketing Analytics

  • IBM Cloud: IBM marketing cloud offers a lot of services like marketing management, email marketing, and marketing automation. Analytical insights using customer data keep you updated and provide better cross-channel experiences for email, web, and mobile.

Why IBM:

  • IBM Planning Analytics is a fast and flexible marketing planning and analytics solution.
  • The IBM Analytics software provides data exploration and discovery capabilities powered by AI



  • Hubspot: This is all in one Inbound Marketing software. It lets you manage your marketing analytics, SEO, landing pages, and social media. One can reach his entire marketing funnel in one place. Why Hubspot:
    • Hubspot manages and nurtures content captured leads until they are sales qualified.
    • Resolve customer issue and turns an experience that turns customers into promoters


All in one:

  •  Adobe Marketing Cloud serves as a one-stop solution for organizing, accessing, and personalizing marketing content. It provides deep insights into your customer journey. It helps you with data-driven marketing decisions to provide you a holistic view of your customer’s needs and demands.

Why Adobe Marketing Cloud

  • It provides you deep insights of your customers.
  • It manages your data and content and creates exceptional Customer Experience.

Customer Data Platform:

  • Tealium: Tealium allows you to enrich your email programs with customer data across all channels to build more relevant campaigns based on customer behavior.Tealium connects your data so you can better connect with their customers. Tealium’s Customer Data Hub turns customer data into a trusted asset by unifying.

Why Tealium?

  • Tealium develops a single way to collect data. This makes it easy to use.
  • It elevates your customer data through enrichment and executes your marketing efforts and analytics with an enriched dataset.


Are you ready to embrace this strategy?

Using features on software such as the ones above can spare the manual work, freeing you up to focus on better things. With these tools in hand and actively working, you’re sure to be present in the digital world, very important with the growing use of technology.

Now, you have time to get to the elements that might be missing or lacking! Evaluate your current digital marketing strategy and receive recommendations to improve it with our Digital Marketing Strategy Assessment.

As marketers you have seen a number of technological trends taken over the industry. Most of the attention is grabbed by cloud computing as mentioned above. Now that you are aware of cloud marketing and its advantages along with the rightful blend of some advanced tools to build your business, mix it up and strategize your marketing in accordance with your business needs.

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