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Top 5 Sales Enablement Platforms for 2021

Sales enablement platforms are business enablers in the truest sense. Martech Cube is here to calm down your nerve jitters with this curated listicle for 2021!
best sales enablement platform

The best sales enablement platform provides a simple method to collect and organize data and analytics for improving sales conversion rates.

Sales enablement softwares have become more significant to the modern business, not least through integration with existing marketing and CRM softwares.

The result is a digital platform that is capable of taking data in real-time and analyzing it for insights, particularly in terms of improving sales conversions and rates. This means the capability to train and develop sales teams to boost effectiveness and productivity, while supporting existing customers to increase sales as well as cross sell.

Sales enablement platforms hence aim to not only boost sales, but also sales efficiency, which means that you can increase turnover while reducing costs, therefore improving overall profitability.Companies that utilize sales enablement software have seen a rise in their sales by 6% to 20%.  Sales enablement platforms act as warehouses for marketing collateral and sales strategies.

Sales enablement tools enable any sales executives to choose the perfect content, turn it into the prospective customer, and track the engagement that is happening within that particular content. Unfortunately, sales individuals spend 66% of their day on administrative work.

Top 5 Sales Enablement Platforms 2021

Hubspot Sales Hub

Source: Hubspot

Supercharge your sales process with a powerful and easy-to-use sales CRM platform, Hubspot’s Sales Hub. Sales Hub involves sales engagement tools, CPQ (configure-price-quote) functionality, and robust sales analytics for sales teams. Hubspot Sales Hub is developed on the HubSpot CRM platform where customer data, tools, and teams assemble together to build a single single point of truth for unprecedented sales executives’ efficiency. When utilizing the full CRM platform, sales executives can get warmer leads, richer insights, and aligned enablement materials to help them function at max efficiency. Also, tap into the expansive ecosystem of applications and solutions partners of Hubspot to craft an exceptional end-to-end customer experience.


Source: Seismic

Sales enablement softwares helps sales individuals organize, store, and share content in a very simple manner. One such platform is Seismic which offers a centralized location to manage all the sales resources, data, and content with global version control and approval solutions. With access to the relevant data and personalized content for any buyer interaction and engagement, it helps you in making sure sales productivity.

While the Sales Enablement platform helps you in finding the relevant content, a major part of that job is to build that content. Instructional design software, content curation tools, etc. help your marketing team develop appealing content to sway the buyer in your direction.


Source: Mediafly

Mediafly is one of the widely used and top evolved sales enablement platforms available in the market. Mediafly has tried to engage with the present day buyers and charm them with their combination of technology and relevant content. It is favored by many of the Fortune-ranked companies around the world and has helped businesses in giving their buyers insights that helped them in making decisions on purchases. Mediafly powers sales and marketing success. We are in 2021 and in the sales biz the status quo just doesn’t cut it. Customers today crave for collaborative, compelling and customer-centric sales experiences that shine a light on their unique challenges.

Mediafly ensures that commercial teams feel confident using their sales enablement software, and it shows whether they are engaging face-to-face or remotely. Mediafly is an integrated sales enablement & content management solution that provides an end-to-end sales solution for all customer facing sales executives.


Source: Highspot

Sales enablement softwares such as Highspot act as a tool where companies can deliver sales enablement with the help of AI-powered search apps. support, contextual training and guided selling. Highspot is a feature-rich sales enablement software that blends content management, customer engagement, training, contextual guides and actionable analytics. It is particularly useful in providing visibility into content that sales teams are finding useful, and its powerful search functionality is almost Amazon-esque in nature, though there are possibilities of further improvement with more robust tagging of content.

With its advanced filtering features, Sales Content Management of Highspot ensures that any solution or resource the sales executives might need is easily available and accessible. Sales executives can access content and email templates on the basis of characteristics of the lead record.


Source: Showpad

If you are a business looking for an all-in-one sales enablement platform, Showpad can be your stop. It goes the distance by integrating training and coaching software with innovative content solutions. The Showpad’s Sales Enablement Platform combines sales content management, coaching and training into a single user experience (UX).

Showpad is a content management sales enablement platform that empowers sales executives in discovering relevant content at the right time. When interacting with a buyer, 65% of sales individuals say they fail to find content to send to prospects, even though marketers believe they are building a lot of content. With Showpad’s sales enablement tool, sales representatives get relevant content recommendations on the basis of marketing rules and machine learning (ML).

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