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Top 5 Ways to Jumpstart Your PPC Campaigns This New Year

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We know 2020 was not that great for any of us but we need to make sure this New Year we need to start with new determination and new hopes to apply new strategies and reach new heights. So, let’s jumpstart 2021 with a strategy that needs to be accurate to be most effective, Pay-Per-Click (PPC). You might be thinking is PPC so important that we need to start our New Year with that? Then the answer is yes because according to a recent study, 64.6% of users click on Google ads when they’re shopping online.

PPC is an effective way to drive traffic to your website at a very high pace, but businesses too often make mistakes that undermine their campaigns.

Strategically crafted PPC campaigns provide traffic, leads, and customers instantly once the paid ads start running online.

An instant return from PPC is attractive over waiting several months for organic SEO campaigns to gain traction. But Pay-Per-Click campaigns are more complex and require more careful planning. According to Marketing Charts, 34% of marketers believe paid search is one of the most effective marketing strategies, and nearly as many feel it’s among the most difficult to utilize effectively.

So, Martech Cube is here with its magic wand to help you Jumpstart your PPC campaigns in New Year 2021.

Choose Your PPC Platform

The first step in running a new PPC campaign is to decide the platform on which you wish to run it or which is perfect for your target audience. Google Ads are the most popular PPC campaign among present marketers, but there are other social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and Twitter that also offer pay-per-click advertisements.

Google Ads

Google Ads allow you to pay for high-ranking real estate on various web properties of Google including SERPs (search engine results pages). Your campaign can be showcased in the form of a Display Ad, a Search Ad, an App Ad, or a Video Ad, the latter of which places your video on YouTube. These Google’s PPC campaigns allow you to set your ad budget, customize your audience, and/or commit to groups of search terms on which you want your search result to appear. Google charges you each time your search result is clicked by users.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads allow you to place “sponsored” posts on the newsfeeds of your target audience on the basis of specific audience characteristics set by you. With the help of this platform, you can choose the objective of your ads, including brand awareness, website traffic, store visits, etc. also your target audience, budget, and ad format. Facebook will then place your ad on the newsfeeds of users who match your preferences and like Google, even you will be charged every time this ad is clicked.

Avoid ‘Broad Match’ Keywords

One of the biggest mistakes that marketers have been doing for a very long time is ignoring the difference between choosing specific keyword match types and setting all keywords as “broad match,” which means that your ad will be visible not only for your chosen keyword phrase but also for any similar phrases or relevant variations your advertising program deems appropriate. Although broad match placements can help in increasing the exposure of a brand, they will attract irrelevant traffic that costs you money.

Include Negative Keywords Too

Pay-per-click marketers often fail to include negative keywords, which allow you to specify where your ad should not appear. For example, if we plan to start our PPC marketing campaign, in our “Show Marketing Ideas” and “Christmas Marketing Ideas” example, the words “Show” and “ideas” could be designated as negative keywords to help exclude such irrelevant placements of ads.

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

Do the research and track the campaigns of your competitors. Find out who your prime competitors are and what their best keywords are. You can avoid the process of split-testing when you know their best keywords.

Take note of how they’re designing their PPC ads and then design better ads. Remember to never make your ads look similar to your competitor’s. You need to stand out from others, even from your competitors rather than to look like a copy-cat.

Stop Poorly Performing Ads

From New Year 2021, add an important thing in your New Year Resolutions, Stop carrying dead bodies on your shoulder, just because you don’t want to dump them, which means stop your PPC ads that are not performing or are performing very poorly as they are not giving you any profit. Keeping them live just because you are charged only when someone clicks is like keeping a filed machine in your workshop and feeling that you are not losing anything because you are not switching it ON. You are wasting some amount from your budget which is generating nothing for your business, your tracking efforts, a space on your tracking dashboard, etc. So, do what most marketers ignore doing, stop your poorly performing PPC ads.

Change Your Calendar and Your Marketing Strategies

Welcome the New Year 2021 with a bang!

This New Year, do a fresh start, change your calendar, and also your marketing strategies to reach new heights.

PPC campaign is a bit complex but efficient way of digital marketing and with Martech Cube’s magic wand, you can minimize the commonly ignored mistakes and clear your way towards maximized ROI.

Just remember, once your PPC campaigns are built, you need to constantly monitor your performance and keep updating and improving your PPC marketing strategy. Now it’s your turn to enhance your PPC performance game, and with these PPC tactics, we are sure you’ll be climbing your performance incline to the top with the utmost ease.

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