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Top 7 Customer Engagement Tools for 2021

Customer Experience has become a key to success for businesses that are trying to thrive in post-COVID era. Check-out Top Customer Engagement tools to enhance your efforts
Customer Experience

Customer engagement tools have become more important than ever because of the massive shift in customer behaviour in post-COVID era. Brands hare widely using customer engagement tools to understand the customers and enhance the pace of recovery of their business affected due to this pandemic.

Customers today want a seamless experience from the brand, no matter where they are engaging. Using customer engagement tools is a direct route to achieve the core objectives of business. It is an easy way to everything a brands wants, profits, fame, customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

When you engage with your customers, you automatically bring them closer to your brand by delivering a great customer experience, and that is when the magic really starts.

Some Customer Engagement Statistics to consider

All these stats show that customer engagement and experience has today become more important than ever before so it is crucial to choose the right customer engagement tools by understanding the core business use cases and deliver exactly what consumers are expecting.

Let’s check out top 7 Customer Engagement tools for 2021,


Source : Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a well-known cloud-based helpdesk system that offers powerful solutions for customer service. Freshdesk unites conversations from the phone, email, web, chat, and social media, and helps you in resolving issues across channels in a very simple manner. With the help of Freshdesk, you can offer convenient self-service options, automate workflows, manage SLAs, and generate reports. Freshdesk is used by brands like Bridgestone, HP, DHL, Harvard University, etc.


Source : Avaya

Avaya OneCloud Contact-Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) is a cloud-based contact center solution developed for any size business that is willing to enhance its customer experiences. Avaya OneCloud CCaaS is a solution that delivers voice and digital channel customer engagement along with advanced self-service automation and employee productivity tools so that you can develop a true cloud-based customer service call center.


Source : Zendesk

Zendesk is one of the popular names in the customer engagement software market. It offers an industry-leading customer service solution. On average, Zendesk increases agent productivity by 30% and customer satisfaction by 25%, at any scale. All your interactions with the customers are available in a single, dynamic interface with features such as pre-defined ticket responses, web widgets, and full customer history.


Source : LiveChat

LiveChat software offers the fastest way to help your business customers. It is a help desk software where the user can engage with their customers effortlessly. With this customer engagement platform, you can easily help those customers who have queries and questions. The quick chat option provides an instant and simple method to communicate with your customers and it is a faster option than email and phone.


Source : WebEngage

Great relationships between brands and customers are built on personalized and thoughtful communication. WebEngage is effective customer engagement software that helps you in creating highly targeted communication strategies. The user can engage with their customers across channels such as in-app messaging, mobile push notifications, SMS, web overlay, web push, and email. The user can also track the channel performances and product metrics to create successful marketing strategies. WebEngage is highly used and recommended for Automated communication and improved customer retention

Microsoft Dynamic 365 Customer Engagement

Source : Microsoft

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement has become a top-notch Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution that is a cloud-based solution, that brings various benefits to businesses. It is the consumer-centric solution that empowers brands in improving marketing, business productivity, driving better sales, and managing the marketing campaign.

Pega Customer Engagement Platform

Source : Pega

Pega Marketing takes the evolution of the customer engagement platforms to a whole new level. Integrating state-of-the-art customer analytics and business rules in real-time, Pega marketing constantly evaluates the context of each and every customer interaction and recommends the most relevant offer, channel, content, and action to be taken by the brand. With Pega, you can develop deeper connections with customers, moving beyond segmentation campaigns to a focus on customer experience management (CXM) across all channels.

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