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Top E-commerce Marketing Deal Breakers to Avoid this Black Friday

Ecommerce is expected to be the major gainer in Black Friday 2020, so to gain big you need to avoid some typical mistakes done by e-commerce sellers. Dive in to learn

Thanksgiving has just passed, which means the holiday season has just begun, and we all know what comes after Thanksgiving? Yes, the shopping weekend has finally arrived. Black Friday 2020 is here and even if we are in the middle of a pandemic, we just can’t miss the Black Friday sale. But almost everyone is pretty sure that this time the majority of people would be ordering things online, amidst social distancing norms and the second wave threat of COVID-19. Moreover, many retail giants like Walmart and Target have decided to cancel their in-store Black Friday events because of this pandemic. So, if you are planning to make the most out of this holiday season and leverage Black Friday sales to recover a major part of the losses that happened because of the pandemic and lockdown, then you can’t afford to not sell on ecommerce platforms.

Because of this pandemic Ecommerce business is taking shape like never before and even the world is increasingly turning digital with every passing day. So, you have a perfect chance to make the most out of this Black Friday sale, just in case you don’t mess things up. So, here we are with top ecommerce marketing mistakes that only leave you with broken deals, and how you can avoid them. Let’s dive into the ocean of holiday sales.

  • Not Knowing Your Target Audience

The first and most important thing for ecommerce marketing irrespective of the period is to know your target audience.

This is a very common mistake among most of the businesses online, or otherwise. As a seller, apart from utilizing a defined audience as a marker to design your products and services, you also need to understand that your consumers also influence the channels you use to market your products or services. you need to know the demographics of your target audience and your direct competitors will help you gain insight into how you can make your business more appealing or unique.

Spending the time and money to survey your potential customers while using various analytics tools to find in-depth information about the target audience will define and direct your marketing strategy. Infact designing rightful models/guides to by studying out even a meagre of the problems that they might face will keep you afloat on their minds for the longest times. For ex- If you are a macbook trackpad cleaning vendor and you want to make sure that your sales increase a considerable amount then populating your blog with quality content and listicles that would solve some problems of the end user around trackpad cleaning would be the way to go!. 

  • Ignoring Diversity

This is one of the biggest mistakes done especially by small retailers and businesses. You just can’t ignore the diversity of demands from your potential customers during Black Friday shopping. So, data-driven personas are rapidly replacing traditional market segmentation. As marketers have realized that the one-size-fits-all approach to both marketing and digital merchandising will never lead to success. Buyers are sharing an unprecedented wealth of digital signals you can utilize to radically personalize the shopping experience of your potential buyers. Not only can you access geo-location data indicating where they are, but you can also target them on the basis of their spending parameters, including particular device types, shopping history on the site, previously viewed items, and products in the cart.

  • Only Offering Discounts

There’s no doubt huge discounts make shoppers open their wallets but everyone is doing that. And we shouldn’t forget that it’s a festive season and limiting your black Friday sales only till discounts has become very old fashioned, and hence fails to attract maximum customers. You should give something more than just discounts, like some gift vouchers, some promo codes for future discounts, or small free gifts, etc.

Even a small gift can make the difference between an abandoned cart and a successful conversion.

While some users prefer free shipping, others might like gift vouchers, whereas people may also respond better to add items on sale. Conduct a survey prior, make adjustments, and decide your giveaway accordingly. This will make a buyer feel happy and valued, which will help you in obtaining a loyal customer.

  • Ignoring Shipping Deadlines

Shoppers want their orders to arrive on time, and that’s more important if they’re shopping for gifts for the holidays. Courier services and logistic agencies tend to be overloaded during the holiday season and delivery times often lag the closer it gets to the holiday season.

So, in order to avoid customers receiving their new Black Friday Jackets on Christmas, shipping companies set deadlines for guaranteed on-time delivery. Once the delivery deadline has passed, couriers services can no longer guarantee that an order will arrive on time. You need to make yourself and your delivery partners aware that delivering an order late means losing a customer in the future, which means a loss for the seller as well as the courier service, which can’t be afforded at any cost.

Black Friday 2020 is here

The holiday season presents one of the biggest opportunities of the year for all businesses. Working out an effective digital campaign for your ecommerce business is crucial for its growth. Like in traditional marketing campaigns, even a digital campaign that is distressed with bad decisions will only harm your business as well as your brand.

We know Black Friday is a big opportunity and means a lot more this year. Don’t panic. Just roll with the punches, optimize where you can, and remember to avoid the common mistakes.

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