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TPG Rewards launches for Kraft Cheese) (TPG Rewards

In September 2019, TPG launched the largest ever on-pack ‘Intelligent Packaging’ campaign, Golden Single Program for Kraft Cheese and its retail partner Walmart.

Consumer packaged goods companies are constantly looking for smarter ways to engage, influence and convert shoppers throughout the consumer journey: both in-store and at-home.

To become successful today, brands and retailers need to compete more effectively in a mobile-first, omnichannel world.  Consumer expectations and behaviors are fundamentally shifting as consumers of all ages increasingly turn to their mobile devices to consult online reviews, research products, get recommendations and comparison shop.

The key to taking advantage of these opportunities is for brands to ESTABLISH and MAINTAIN a strong direct 1:1 connection with each person throughout the consumer journey, beginning before the purchase and continuing after the sale.  Product packaging represents the best ways for brands to do this.

TPG’s ‘TAP Mobile Engagement’ platform (as utilized for the Golden Single Program) and reward solutions make it easier and practical for brands and retailers to understand usage patterns; pre-purchase as well as post-purchase customer behavior, in a way they never could before providing true context for each connection.

TPG Rewards has pioneered the use of TAP Technology, implementing it within their clients marketing campaigns for the past several years.  What was originally designed as an in-retail collateral tracking compliance tool (such as within a Walmart store) quickly became a powerful way to engage the consumer at shelf and beyond.  This technology is on track to not only become the main conduit to global payments but also the most significant driver to ‘intelligent packaging’, delivering consumer ‘engagement at shelf and at home’ bridging the gap for brands to provide a fully-integrated shopping experience from brick and mortar to mobile engagement and everything in between.

TPG Rewards TAP Uses Cases: (as pictured Excedrin Tap to Learn, Snapple Tap to Win, P.F. Chang’s® Sauces Tap for Recipe, Flonase Tap for Instant Discount, Claritin Tap for Pollen Count).

CASE STUDY: The Kraft Heinz Company Utilizes Next Level TAP Technology in the largest ‘Intelligent Packaging’ program in history with it’s Kraft Golden Single Program!

In September 2019, TPG launched the largest ever on-pack Intelligent Packaging program for Kraft Heinz, leveraging TPG’s “Intelligent Packaging Platform” to create a true ‘one-of-a-kind’ innovative solution at Walmart nationwide which triggers different engaging content depending on whether the product is in-store or at-home.

In this particular program, a savings offer including Recipe Content is disseminated right ‘in-store’, with an interactive Scratch-and-Win game for a chance to instantly win $50 ‘at home’ all via a simple TAP of a consumer’s phone on participating Kraft Cheese package!

By incorporating TAP technology, Kraft Heinz is able to provide true 1:1 consumer connection from store to home as well as being able to receive key CRM insights on their customers to further drive sales!

TPG Rewards provided a turn-key solution for Kraft Heinz from start to finish including project planning, production design, Key Performance Indicators tools, sweepstakes administration, to implementation at Walmart.

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