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Trackhouse.io launches Affiliate & Advertising Platform

After over a year in private beta trackhouse.io has launched its Affiliate and Advertiser Tracking Platform. The platform provides tracking and analytics for media buying and advertising campaigns under a free plan with fair usage limits.
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Trackhouse offers a multitude of features including click and impression tracking, split testing, raw data logs, s2s and client side pixel tracking, multi-source campaign and detailed reporting with in-depth breakdowns on a multitude of device (browser, OS, Geo information etc), time (by the hour, day, month and year) and traffic related metrics that provide users with the power to interrogate traffic data for all the answers they seek.

“Our mission is to work closely with our customers to develop new features, however niche they may be” said Shane Connolly, Chief Technology Officer at Trackhouse. “We pride ourselves in providing intuitive features that make your traffic management life easier”.

This self service platform is easy to use, and allows everyone from small part time advertisers, to large scale enterprise track every minute detail of their campaigns.

Iain McConnon Co-Founder of Trackhouse “what we have built here is a world beating affiliate and advertising platform, that can be used by anybody, and we are making it free to use to shake up the market”

“The team behind Trackhouse have a deep understanding of affiliate and advertising tracking. With over 15 years in the online marketing industry, Trackhouse was developed to address the shortcomings of other tracking solutions. We are confident Trackhouse is the best product on the market.” Added Gavin McConnon, investor in Trackhouse.

Trackhouse is now available and on-boarding customers. Visit Trackhouse.io For any questions, or enquiries please email info@trackhouse.io

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