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Transcosmos offers “DEC CMS” it’s SaaS CMS to “Tabilover”

Contributes to streamline website operations by expanding features including a component-based blog post, add area on CMS, and more
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transcosmos inc. hereby announces that the company has implemented “DEC CMS,” its proprietary SaaS CMS, to “Tabilover,” the world travel guide website operated by JCB Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; Chairman & Chief Executive Officer : Ichiro Hamakawa), and redesigned the website.

“Tabilover” is a global travel guide website operated by JCB for JCB cardmembers. Through the website, JCB delivers membership rewards information including around 2,000 stores across the globe where members can receive special services, and recommendations from JCB staff living in each countries and territories. Since JCB staff in each region publish blog posts about stores and other useful information on this website, the website should be easy enough for anyone to create a blog post and should have effective operational governance that covers website design. JCB has been considering the possibility of redesigning and expanding the features of the website at a time when the current server warranty period expires. Recognizing this opportunity, transcosmos has made a proposal on “DEC CMS,” its proprietary SaaS CMS. Given that the SaaS model always runs on the latest service platform, and can be scaled to work with a range of external modules, add personalization features and more, JCB highly evaluated “DEC CMS” and decided to implement it for the website.

The redesigned website built on “DEC CMS” comes with extended features including “search refinements” and “store locator map.” The website has become ever more convenient as users can add areas within the CMS, a process that used to require a system update. What’s more, with a component-based blog post feature, anyone can readily create a post by drag & drop, enabling JCB to run the website with a cohesive design.

Going forward, transcosmos will add My Page feature with a range of “DEC CMS” features, and enhance personalization features such as sending tailored content that fits each user’s behavior. Ultimately, transcosmos will contribute to JCB in streamlining website operations whilst giving more convenience to JCB cardmembers.

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