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Trumble, Inc. Announces Mike Prins Has Joined the Company as CEO

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Mike Prins will lead a new business development, customer engagement, and overall growth strategy for its fast-growing factory AI solution, REVEAL®, after more than 30 years leading growth-stage companies and products of Fortune 500 companies

Trumble, Inc. announced Mike Prins has joined the firm as Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Prins will help accelerate a new business development, customer engagement, and overall growth strategy for its fast-growing factory AI solution, REVEAL, which eliminates manufacturing costs by making plant floors work smarter. Powered by AI, REVEAL’s cloud-based agents seek out sources of variation in the manufacturing process to enable proactive corrective action and stop line disruptions before they ever happen.

Mr. Prins brings more than 30 years of experience focused on growth-stage companies leveraging advancements in operations, product development, technology, and strategic relationships. Exceptional track record of market diversification, inorganic growth, product commercialization, and sales strategy supporting firms including General Motors, Ford, Honda, Daimler-Chrysler, Stellantis, Herman Miller, Steelcase, Hayworth, Knoll, Faurecia, Magna, JCI, Continental, Donnelly, Stryker, Medtronic, and Abbott.

“REVEAL is on a growth curve with a track-record of eliminating manufacturing costs while raising sustainability standards for high output factories as it reduces defects, improves uptime, and empowers productivity gains by frontline workers in real-time—cutting costs by upwards of 40%. Mike is uniquely positioned to broaden REVEAL’s client adoption and retention, having successfully marketed and positioned similar products in our target market,” said David Boor, Chairman of the Board.

“Mike brings a wealth of experience, along with the relationships needed to grow REVEAL’s market-share and optimize our technology to reduce costly waste. He understands the value of reducing unresolved manufacturing failures due to variation at all levels of the manufacturing process—which is the primary challenge for many operations executives, plant floor managers, accounting leaders, and frontline workers,” said Jeff Trumble, Founder and Chief Technology Officer.

“Many business intelligence firms can tell you what has disrupted your manufacturing process—only REVEAL tells you what’s going to happen and how you can stop it before the process is disrupted. In fact, most manufacturers have accepted huge amounts of waste as simply the cost of doing business–never identifying or correcting process variations until the line shuts down and it is too late. REVEAL solves this in real-time and I am excited by the growth potential and to be leading the effort to seize the market opportunity in front of us,” said Mr. Prins.

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