TuneIn and HubSpot Launch HubSpot Podcast Network

This Partnership Makes Finding and Enjoying Business Podcasts to Listen to Easier Than Ever

TuneIn, the world’s leading live-streaming audio service, and HubSpot, the customer relationship management (CRM) platform for scaling companies, today announced the launch of HubSpot Podcast Network on TuneIn, a radio feed that continuously streams HubSpot’s extensive content library through the TuneIn platform.

Podcast listening has become an integral part of keeping informed and up-to-date on all of the latest business news and trends. The challenge has always been in figuring out which podcasts to listen to. The time it takes to find that next business podcast stream can feel daunting.

The HubSpot Podcast Network is the audio destination for business professionals who seek the best education and inspiration on how to grow a business. This partnership with TuneIn harnesses that pool of industry knowledge into an easily accessible and low-friction means to discover and consume business podcasts.

Through TuneIn, the HubSpot Podcast Network streams a curated live feed of its market-leading business podcasts, allowing listeners to tap in from anywhere at any time – and making business podcast discovery easy and enjoyable. To access this content and hear the live feed, listeners simply have to instruct their connected device to play the HubSpot Podcast Network.

As listeners discover new content in the queue and identify shows that they love, they can move to any specific podcast’s stream and listen to all of its content. This creates an organic way of consuming podcast content that caters to the business-savvy listener without having to research or put in hours of searches to find the right one.

“The HubSpot Podcast Network is the place for business leaders to get the insight and knowledge they need to find success,” said Richard Stern, CEO of TuneIn. “Our partnership with them allows for that knowledge share to be extended into a carefully curated network of valuable and interesting business podcasts. With this live feed network, we are not only helping provide a means to listen but are carrying on HubSpot’s reputation for quality customer service with a discoverability system that is fast, easy and enjoyable.”

“Our goal in developing the HubSpot Podcast Network has always been about empowering more business leaders with the insights that they need to grow their companies. But the process of discovering a new favorite podcast typically requires a lot of proactive effort,” said Jordan DiPietro, VP of Marketing at HubSpot. “Through this partnership, audiences can casually stream our catalog and find a show that they love without taking time away from building their businesses. We’re excited to have TuneIn’s support as we introduce our content to new audiences.”

TuneIn is globally accessible in 100+ countries and 200 different major platforms and devices. To learn more about TuneIn and the HubSpot Podcast Network visit us at

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