Tylie Ad Solutions Announces Strategic Integration with Peach

Tylie Enhances Global Trafficking Workflows to Better Meet Client Needs
Tylie Ad

Leading ad tech service provider Tylie Ad Solutions and Peach, a global market leader in video advertising workflow and delivery, today announced a new technology integration using Peach’s API to automate and streamline workflow, effectively speeding up error-free global delivery of broadcast assets and Traffic and Clearance services.

Developed specifically for Tylie client Airbnb, the integration empowers Tylie to perform as an international advertisers’ traffic department, with capabilities to centralize asset storage, post production workflow, and activate global campaigns across the United States, Europe and Latin America. Previously, Airbnb distributed their domestic campaigns globally by engaging multiple entities and various workflows. Now, thanks to Tylie’s integration using Peach’s Partner API, Airbnb is launching campaigns from within the Tylie Tandem platform, marking a streamlined option for international activation. The integration is available to all Tylie clients.

The announcement follows Tylie’s Q2 alliance with The TEAM companies, which enables music, talent and element rights directly from within Tylie Tandem, a collaborative cross-screen management platform.

“Tylie continues to push for greater flexibility and improved options for our clients,” said Tyler Savage, President of Tylie Ad Solutions.” This integration adds key global capabilities to Tylie’s offerings, helping us offer flexible solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients while saving both time and budget while eliminating inefficiencies.”

Doug Conely, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Peach, said: “Advertisers and agencies want to work with software tools that they know will save them time and money and provide the technological capabilities they need to deliver campaigns. Integrations like this, with an open ecosystem mindset, enable partners like Peach and Tylie to support their clients.”

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