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Typeform released The Data On Data Report

In 2023, customers across industries used Typeform to publish more than 2.6 million forms and generate more than 568 million responses

Today, Typeform, the intuitive form builder and conversational data collection platform, released The Data On Data Report, revealing insights and data marketers can use to create more effective forms, quizzes, and surveys that drive higher completion rates.

With increasing privacy concerns and the deprecation of third-party cookies, companies are turning to zero-party data and using online forms to collect information. This information helps them personalize their marketing strategies to better engage their target audiences. In 2023 alone, Typeform users published more than 2.6 million forms, generated more than 568 million form submissions, and saw an average form completion rate of 47.3%, more than 25 percentage points higher than the industry average completion rate of 21.5%. Since Typeform launched, customers have published more than 8 million forms and generated nearly 3 billion responses.

Typeform analyzed its 2023 data and aggregated trends from the last 10 years of data to compile tactics marketers are using to boost engagement on their forms:

  1. Incorporate visuals: Forms that feature images or video see a 120.6% increase in completion rates over forms that don’t.
  2. Keep forms to six questions or fewer: Forms with the highest number of responses asked fewer than six questions.
  3. Use multiple-choice questions: Typeform customers use multiple-choice questions nearly twice as often as the second-most popular question type, short text questions.
  4. Include ‘exclusive’ language: Forms that use phrases such as “be the first,” “get early access,” “members only,” “only available,” among others, yield 25% higher completion rates.
  5. Use numbers at the start: Using a number within the welcome content provides clarity and boosts confidence, leading to a 7% increase in completion rates.

“At the heart of every great customer experience is a deep understanding of your customer and their needs, so why not ask them directly?” said Kristen Habacht, Chief Revenue Officer, Typeform. “The impending cookieless future requires a shift in go-to-market strategies, where marketers move away from reliance on third-party data and instead prioritize gathering information directly from people. Businesses that refine the art and science of zero-party data collection today will gain a competitive edge over those that wait.” Discover more insights on how to create forms that people enjoy responding to in The Data on Data Report from Typeform.

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