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Umbraco Launches US Data Hosting Option

US demand for flexible, user-friendly Umbraco Cloud grows as ability to store data closer to customers offers improved performance and helps customers meet data policies and privacy requirements

U.S. digital agencies and other organizations that are required to store data in-country can now use the flexible, user-friendly Umbraco Cloud to build their websites and other digital applications. Starting today, the content management system (CMS) provider will enable U.S. agencies and customers evaluating Umbraco Cloud as their development and hosting platform to choose a U.S. regional hosting option for improved performance and easier compliance with stringent data policies and privacy requirements.

Until now, the Umbraco Cloud development and hosting service has been located exclusively in Europe, close to Umbraco headquarters in Odense, Denmark. This hosting option has been used by more than 1500 international solution partners implementing Umbraco projects, with more than 200 of those partners in the U.S. alone.

“We’ve had the U.S. market on the radar from the beginning, and as interest grew in the U.S. for our Umbraco Cloud, we decided it was time for us to introduce regional data hosting,” said Filip Bruun Bech-Larsen, CTO, Umbraco. “Storing data in country is required by many U.S.-based customers due to potential performance and privacy concerns. Speed matters, and by giving everyone access to a U.S. hosting option, Umbraco Cloud is even faster for our U.S.-based customers. This not only improves service for the end customer but also accelerates development, meaning faster time to market and a better user experience.”

Umbraco Cloud + US Region = Fast, Easy and Secure

Umbraco Cloud is the one-stop shop for Umbraco development and hosting, the fastest, easiest and most efficient way to work with the most advanced open-source .NET CMS Core. Everything is installed, configured, and ready for development. Users simply click “Create Project” and in a few steps, Umbraco CMS is up and running.

ProWorks, an Oregon-based digital agency and Umbraco Gold Partner since 2013, has been deploying new sites and migrating existing Umbraco sites to Umbraco Cloud for the last three years, with project data stored in the European centers. The agency expects to see increased performance with the U.S. data option – and an uptick in business from clients who require the option.

“While we’ve been happy with the speed and latency of Umbraco Cloud, we’ve heard that the closer you are to the data being served, the faster your project and time to market will be,” said Jason Prothero, president and lead software developer and architect, ProWorks. “Hosting data in the U.S. opens the door for many clients who have been wanting to take advantage of the capabilities Umbraco Cloud offers but who also must store their data in the U.S. We’ve all been waiting for this upgrade.”

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: Hosted on Microsoft Azure, powered by Umbraco Cloud

All Umbraco Cloud projects are hosted on Microsoft Azure, providing a proven and solid foundation, and the U.S. data center is located in Virginia. Umbraco Cloud offers a managed hosting infrastructure that actively monitors the service at all times (24/7), so agencies and customers can be confident that hosting is taken care of and focus on developing their projects on Umbraco CMS. In addition, with new features such as automatic patch upgrades, one-click updates of new features, and simplified team and user management, Umbraco Cloud makes creating, building, hosting and maintaining Umbraco projects easier than ever.

Umbraco US Summit

Registration is open for the Umbraco US Summit. The one-day hybrid event on September 29 focuses on building growth and return-on-investment through creating exceptional digital experiences.

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