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Unbounce Launches “Unprompted”


Unbounce, a trailblazing force in marketing technology innovation, is excited to announce the launch of “Unprompted” an all-new podcast hosted by Chief Marketing Officer, Pete Housley. Unprompted will bring together a diverse lineup of guests who will explore the ways in which artificial intelligence is transforming the world of digital marketing, dissecting the possibilities, challenges, and ethical considerations surrounding the technology’s impact on the industry.

Poised to become an essential resource for marketers seeking to gain a competitive edge in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, Unprompted will be the first podcast of its kind to not only spotlight the latest and greatest AI use cases for marketers, but also delve into real life outcomes from deployments. From creating an entire marketing campaign in 24 hours using nothing but AI-powered tools, to discussing how the technology might evolve over coming years, Unprompted leaves no stone unturned in its exploration of AI and marketing.

Engaging conversations and thought-provoking interviews with top marketing experts, marketing industry thought leaders, and successful entrepreneurs, will explore topics ranging from limitless content generation, to performance marketing, conversion intelligence, landing pages, disruptive brand building and the potential dystopian nightmare of job displacement. Housley and guests will thoughtfully assess the rampant AI conversation, and seek to debunk myths, unravel hype, and provide global marketers with essential insights to navigate this rapidly evolving landscape. He will also equip listeners with actionable tactics to achieve exceptional results through uncovering the secrets behind some of the world’s most successful marketing campaigns.

“We are thrilled to introduce Unprompted to marketers around the world,” said Pete Housley, Chief Marketing Officer of Unbounce. “In this unique period of change for marketers and rapid evolution of the industry as a whole, staying ahead and delivering results requires constant innovation and a deep understanding of what truly is driving trends and behaviors. With Unprompted, we plan to venture into the fascinating world of AI marketing, addressing the wonders, the weirdness, and the genuine concerns, all while providing actionable guidance for marketers to effectively harness the power of this technology.”

As Chief Marketing Officer of Unbounce, Pete Housley has solidified his position as a performance and data driven executive with a track record of success. With a distinguished career spanning multiple sectors, including commerce, hospitality, and consumer goods, Housley has consistently demonstrated his ability to revolutionize brands and achieve exponential growth. Notably, as Chief Revenue Officer at INDOCHINO from 2015-2021, his strategic and operational leadership contributed to a remarkable period of growth and creative innovation.

With new episodes released bi-weekly on Thursdays, Unprompted is available on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever podcasts are found.

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