UNITEDPRINT SE Appoints Holm Winkler as New CEO

Online printer has a new Chief Executive Office
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Holm Winkler has been appointed new CEO of the online printing company UNITEDPRINT SE, whose best-known brands include After many years as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Legal Officer and Chief Human Resources Officer at UNITEDPRINT SE, Holm Winkler has been seen as ideally suited for the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Martech News.

With the supervisory boards counting three members, two of them being female, and a three-member board of directors under 40 years of age, UNITEDPRINT SE boasts a dynamic and competent company management team that optimally meets the requirements of a modern e-commerce company.

The consistent transformation of this online printing company into an internationally operating smart business company has proven to be extraordinarily successful and undoubtedly stands for what sustainable e-commerce represents Martech.

print24 offers its customers a wide range of high-quality products at attractive prices as well as fast deliveries and competent services. Customers can choose from over 500 million product combinations, create their own corporate design and order conveniently online on anytime they see fit. SE is a global and innovative e-commerce company in the printing and media industries. As one of Europe’s leading online print shops, Unitedprint employs around 500 people and operates the renowned brands print24, Easyprint, Unitedprint, getprint, printwhat, FIRSTPRINT, DDK PRINT BIG, infowerk, and USS (Unitedprint Shop Services) in 22 countries, including Germany as the headquarter. SE not only offers classic printing products to its customers but also provides high-end products and services from the following categories – textile products, photo products, large-format, promo products, advertising equipment, and catering supplies.

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