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Unmetric Integrates Social Index’ Earned Media Value into its Social Analytics Platform

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Unmetric, an enterprise solution for branded content analysis and discovery, today announced it has integrated Social Index into its Analyze platform to provide digital marketers a greater understanding of the effectiveness of their campaigns and content. The integration will be available to all users of Unmetric Analyze for branded content published on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

As marketers are challenged to show the ROI of influencer and social campaigns, Social Index provides the earned media value (in dollars) that their content generates. These insights enable brands to better understand the effectiveness of content beyond impressions and target audiences more strategically. Every user interaction, from a Like to a Comment to a Retweet to a video view is assigned a value. For each post, the sum of these interactions provides an earned media value. The Index is updated on a daily basis to reflect the changing value of an interaction on each social network.

“Social Index will provide Unmetric clients with further validation of their social media strategies and provide important context around the value of their content,” said Kumar Krishnasami, Head of Product & Co-Founder of Unmetric. “Ever since brands began publishing on social media, they have sought to understand engagement ROI—from how much a Like or Retweet is worth, to the overall value delivered to consumers. Integrating Social Index into Unmetric will go a long way towards answering those questions.”

“This integration helps marketers make better decisions around which social networks to focus on and better understand the value that they are delivering to consumers,” said Chris Strawser, VP Product & Technology at Ayzenberg. “Social Index is based on the consumer declared data that marketers and brands have always coveted and helps inform brands on what is resonating and how to best engage with their most valued audiences, along with the value it is bringing back to the brand.”

The new EMV feature is available to all users of Unmetric Analyze. To learn more about how Unmetric can help your brand get faster reporting, better engagement and more certainty for your social strategy, visit

About Unmetric
Unmetric helps brands and agencies get better engagement, more certainty, and faster reporting on their social media efforts. The company’s enterprise platform enables digital marketers to research, plan and optimize branded social content, and analysts to report on learnings to create more engaging content. Hundreds of global brands and digital agencies including Away, General Motors, Merck, FleishmanHillard, GroupM, and Edelman use Unmetric’s AI-powered insights from the owned channels of over 100,000 qualified brands across more than 30 sectors on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Founded in 2011, Unmetric is headquartered in New York City with offices in Chennai, India and the U.S. For more information, visit

About Ayzenberg
Ayzenberg is part of, a collective of like-minded, independent companies, each at the cutting edge of their fields.

Together, they create multi-disciplinary teams to deliver the skill mix needed by clients, operating with the agility of a boutique and the scale and resources of a major super-group.

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This influence can only be delivered through the combined power of AI-based technology, communication arts, and consulting services.

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