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Urtasker: Human is a Core Success Factor For Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing has synthesized just about every part of today’s brands, services and core products: from monitoring the on-site traffic to engagement metrics, what we like, how we share and even our mouse strokes or tapping preferences. The notion of paralysis by analysis has plagued many digital marketers and while there is much to extrapolate from core critical metrics, there is one fundamental criterion that the deepest algorithms cannot mimic: the human factor.

Brands often entrust their businesses to the experts. Much like consumers turn their health over to trusted medical professionals, prudent businesses leave the ever-evolving digital landscape to agencies. Then, how does one competitor outrank and outperform another when many of the tactics utilized are synergistic between agencies? One agency believes it has the answer.

Enter Urtasker.com a full-service agency helping many businesses to grow, thrive and profit selling on vastly competitive sites such as Amazon and Walmart. When asked how the company helps its 200+ clients beat the competition and lower advertising cost of sales (ACoS), Omer Riaz, CEO, had this to say:

“The human element is often overlooked and should not be underestimated. Personal interaction aligns our clients with the best marketing consultant to drive their business forward to maximize revenues and profits. As well, one of our most coveted human characteristics is our ability to be creative. There is no mimicking human innovation, an epicenter of creativity and a synergy between our clients and alignment with our marketing professionals.”

When it comes to tried and proven digital tactics, many agencies dip into the same ecosystem. These marketing initiatives can indeed propel brands, giving lift to their overarching goals, but true greatness takes something additional, a supplementary component that is often overlooked: humans. Not just the notion of a human, but the human factor, that element that makes us great, that gives us a physical and visceral connection, and Urtasker is leading the way on this front. Its mission statement and mantra exude a real human connection and, from there, great things can unfold in the digital space where, in the end, it is human engagement that connects with digital initiatives to culminate with transactional commerce.

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