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User-Generated Video Platform Seenit Announces Storytelling Summit

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Seenit, the User-Generated Video platform, announces its first global Storytelling Summit on April 1st, 3-6 pm BST (10 am-1 pm EST). The event will focus on the ROI of social good storytelling and features talks from brands such as Amazon, ViacomCBS, and TIME’S UP UK on how companies can get started or boost their current Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) efforts.

With 40% of consumers seeking brands that act in society’s best interest (Slater & Gordan, 2020) and the global COVID-19 pandemic bringing pressures on companies to communicate more humanly, the topic of social good storytelling has never been more relevant.

“It is essential that as businesses, we reflect on what we are contributing and giving back to society and adapt our messaging, and the stories we tell accordingly. How your business reacts to this time will have a long-term impact on your brand as an employer,” says Matt Sharp, Employer Brand Manager at Amazon.

With 14 talks, an interactive workshop, and networking opportunities, the event is a must for anyone interested in learning more about storytelling and how to create with your community, how it enhances your CSR and inclusion & diversity initiatives, and how harnessing the ROI of those initiatives helps build more resilient businesses. The speaker list includes the world’s leading brands in this space, including Amazon, RELX, ViacomCBS, TIME’S UP UK, Crisis, and Made In Her Image.

“We are thrilled for Crisis to be partnering with Seenit to showcase the social power of storytelling. Here in the Studio, we know accelerating the end of homelessness will only be possible through collaboration; which makes storytelling an essential part of our toolkit,” says Aimée Bryan, Venture Studio from Crisis.

The virtual event is free and on-demand for anyone that signs up before the live streaming on April 1st, 3-6 pm BST (10 am-1 pm EST)

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