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UXReactor joined the UserTesting Partner Program

The partnership will help more SMBs unlock business growth through user-centric product insights and design strategy

UserTesting, a SaaS leader in experience research and insights, today announced that it has partnered with UXReactor, a product insights and design services firm, to help small businesses maximize the benefits of UserTesting’s platforms. UXReactor specializes in helping companies deliver improved business outcomes for their software products through validation and testing of critical user needs and designing experiences that drive revenue through accelerated user adoption. The partnership aligns with UserTesting’s commitment to supporting organizations of all sizes with actionable insights to help them make more informed product decisions at scale.

Partnering with UXReactor will bring UserTesting to more companies that build software and digital experiences, including more small businesses who can benefit from continuous testing throughout the product development lifecycle. With over 300 years of combined research and design experience, UXReactor has strong domain expertise in solving complex product development challenges for software companies. Companies looking for additional support in running their research as well as help with their experience research and design strategy can benefit from the services offered by UXReactor in combination with access to the UserTesting platform.

The UserTesting and UXReactor partnership is designed to support small businesses looking to get fast feedback on their concepts, ideas, and prototypes and working with them to develop and grow their UX design and research operation. The partnership provides access to the leading experience research platform alongside experienced UX professionals who can help them get fast, actionable insights on their projects, or support on designing an experience strategy or research plan right-fit for their business needs. Together, UserTesting and UXReactor can help SMBs mitigate risk and reduce rework by bringing the needs of its users into the product development process.

“We are excited to partner with UserTesting to bring its capabilities to more SMBs, to help them benefit from the power of human insight to get to product-market-fit as quickly as possible,” said Kuldeep Kelkar, Senior Partner, Experience Insights, at UXReactor. “This partnership is an opportunity for our customers to get access to the market leading experience research and insights platform, plus a team of seasoned UX research and design experts focused on designing digital products and experiences that drive revenue, loyalty, and a competitive advantage.”

“Together, UserTesting and UXReactor will provide a strategic benefit for growing companies– helping them unlock business value through differentiated, user-centric experiences,” said Rob Vandenberg, Global VP, Channels and Alliances at UserTesting. “Having access to human insights and knowing what your customers need and want is a huge business advantage. UserTesting is focused on helping companies drive better business outcomes through a shared understanding of their customer.”

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