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Emissary launches sales intelligence platform, Emissary Knowledge


In a significant evolution of the sales intelligence marketplace, Emissary today unveiled Emissary Knowledge. Unlike conventional intelligence tools which scrape publicly available information from the Web, Emissary’s firsthand insights are sourced directly from executives who worked inside target accounts – drilling into the realities of what, why, and how target accounts buy technology.

“With Emissary Knowledge, salespeople learn more in minutes than they can they glean from hours of traditional research and weeks of discovery calls” notes Emissary CEO, Tony Jaros“Emissary gives sales teams an edge with insights direct from the people who know.”

Key features include:

  • Broad account coverage — Emissary focuses on 2.5k of the world’s most complex, and sought after, accounts across 21 industries.

  • First-hand expertise — Emissary collects insights directly from thousands of tech buyers (IT, Engineering, Security, Data, Product and Operations) who have worked inside these accounts, ensuring accurate and detailed insights.

  • Sales-specific insights — Unlike sanitized 10-K generalizations, Emissary curates insights specifically for sales tasks: qualification, prospecting, account planning and deal pursuit.

  • Clarity on tech purchasing — Emissary Knowledge shares selling tips collected from account experts, as well as insights into an account’s drivers of tech spend, tech biases and preferences, buying processes and vendor alignment.

  • Access to deal coaches — If users want to speak with our experts, they can, using our Emissary Coach service.

Both Emissary Knowledge and Emissary Coach are available immediately. Visit and learn how sales leaders use Emissary to give their teams an information advantage.

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