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Verint Recognized for Leadership and Innovation

Winner in ‘Best Workforce Optimization/Engagement Management’ and ‘Best Contact Center Interaction Analytics’ Categories

Verint® (NASDAQ: VRNT), The Customer Engagement Company®, today announced that it was recognized as a winner in the ‘Best Workforce Optimization/Engagement Management’ and ‘Best Contact Center Interaction Analytics’ categories for the 21st annual CRM Industry Leader Awards program honoring the best CRM solutions and innovators.

The CRM Industry Leader Awards recognize the leading providers in 11 categories pointing the way forward and driving innovation with the best products and capabilities in customer service, marketing, and sales.

Each year, CRM Magazine’s panel of expert analysts and consultants are asked: If you had to recommend a CRM solution to a loyal client, which would you choose, and why? CRM Magazine’s September 2022 issue provides an overview of the top five solution winners in each category.

Verint’s award-winning achievements include:

The Best Workforce Optimization/Engagement Management (WFO/WEM) – CRM’s editorial notes, “Verint has probably been in the WFO/WEM space the longest, and its experience shows,” and includes commentary from several distinguished industry experts.

According to Dick Bucci, founder and chief analyst at Pelorus Research, “Verint’s portfolio for contact centers and back-office operations encompasses virtually every touchpoint of activity that stands between the customer and the enterprise.”

Founder and Principal Analyst at McGee-Smith Analytics’ Sheila McGee-Smith, states “Verint’s key benefit today is its continuing support for both cloud and on-premises contact center solutions,” noting that the company provides customers “consistent coverage from, for example, Avaya to Amazon Connect, as a company migrates.”

John Ragsdale, distinguished researcher, vice president of technology ecosystems, at the Technology & Services Industry Association (TSIA), notes Verint has advanced its product even further recently with the addition of Verint Real-Time Agent Assist, which “provides real-time voice analytics and quality monitoring, enabling faster feedback for support techs, which facilitates real-time coaching.”

Finally, R. “Ray” Wang, founder and chairman of Constellation Research observes that Verint’s customers, “love their core WFO and their ability to use AI to augment productivity and improve workforce engagement.”

The Best Contact Center Interaction Analytics – CRM’s editorial notes that companies have demonstrated high demand for analytics, particularly as they need to keep track of the large number of agents who are still working at home or in hybrid environments, and Verint Real-Time Agent Assist is named a Best Contact Center Interaction Analytics solution.

Ragsdale says, “Verint’s move to incorporate its interaction analytics products into other offerings, including bringing real-time voice analytics and quality monitoring into its Real-Time Agent Assist offering, allows for faster insights so agent coaching is contextual.”

Bucci says, “Verint has done an exceptional job of pulling together data points from its many contact center applications under the Verint Cloud Platform to extract the underlying trends and events that shape consumer behavior.”

“We are honored to be named a CRM Industry Leader by the esteemed panel of expert analysts and consultants,” says Verint’s Celia Fleischaker, chief marketing officer. “As customer interactions grow in both volume and complexity, it’s critical to ensure the workforce is equipped to engage with customers in the right way at the right time, with AI-driven solutions to augment workforce capacity.”

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